Martin Tenniswood

Specializes in development, progression, and treatment of prostate and breast cancers

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Martin Tenniswood

School of Public Health
Department: Cancer Research Center

Prostate cancer; vitamin D; androgens; histone deacetylase inhibitors as adjuvant therapeutics for prostate and breast cancer; miRNA and nc-RNA expression in tumor progression

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Martin Tenniswood serves as the director of the Cancer Research Center at the University at Albany and Empire Innovations Professor of biomedical sciences at the School of Public Health.

The Tenniswood lab specializes in developing therapies for hard-to-treat hormone dependent cancers, particularly castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) and triple negative breast cancers. The lab uses a variety of high throughput, high content methodologies, including mRNA and miRNA based transcriptomics to understand the biology that leads to tumor progression and drug resistance.

Based on recent data from the laboratory, Dr. Tenniswood he has recently spun off a biotech company, miR Diagnostics, focused on developing new prognostic tests to distinguish indolent and aggressive prostate cancer.