Robert Bangert-Drowns

Widely cited for his work in instructional technology and strategies

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Robert Bangert-Drowns

Associate Professor, Dean Emeritus
School of Education
Department: Educational and Counseling Psychology

Computers in education; student motivation in learning; improving student learning

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Robert L. Bangert-Drowns is widely cited for his work in instructional technology and instructional strategies. He is a member of the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association, and Sigma Xi, the scientific research society.

Dr. Bangert-Drowns directs the Albany Consortium for Research in Instructional Design and Theory (ACRIDAT), a forum and work group for students and faculty interested in research on instruction. He is also on the faculty of UAlbany's Institute for Financial Market Regulation.

Dean Bangert-Drowns earned his joint doctorate in education and psychology from the University of Michigan in 1986.