Allen Ballard

Research interests include African-American history, the Civil War, and the Soviet period in Russian history

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Allen Ballard

College of Arts and Sciences
Department: History

African-American history; the Civil War; Soviet history

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Allen Ballard is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Kenyon College and received his doctorate in government from Harvard University. His research interests include African-American history, Civil War history and the Soviet period in Russian history. Ballard has published two nonfiction books, The Education of Black Folk: The Afro-American Struggle for Knowledge in White America and One More Day’s Journey: The Story of a Family and a People.

His works also include a novel about black soldiers in the Civil War, Where I'm Bound (2000), and Carried by Six (2009), a novel about African-American families living in a Philadelphia housing project and their battles against a gang threatening to destroy them. His articles have appeared in scholarly and popular journals, including The New York Times Magazine.