Beth DuFault

Marketing expert studies consumer behavior in different sociocultural contexts.

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Beth DuFault

Assistant Professor
School of Business
Department: Marketing

Culture, change, and consumer behavior

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School of Business Assistant Professor Beth DuFault studies sociocultural consumer behavior in changing times in contexts that include health care, higher education, religious organizations, and the inner city.

DuFault research focuses on the changing demographics of New York and Los Angeles, consumers leaving organized religion, and alumni relationships with their alma mater. She has also presented work in the United States and internationally on the changing retail landscape of the inner city, online communities, and health care. Additionally, she was quoted by NBC News about the consumption behavior of millennials.

Her current projects include analysis of large health care systems as they transition to a more consumer-centric focus, analysis of the servicescape in neonatal intensive care units with an eye toward improving the family experience, and sociocultural change and consumer behavior in struggling communities.

DuFault joined UAlbany’s department of marketing in Fall of 2016. She hails from Southern California, and studied sociology at UCLA. She earned her Ph.D. in management/marketing, with a minor in sociology, from the University of Arizona in Tucson.