Walter Little

Examines the politics of ethnic identity, international aid, tourism, and marketplaces

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Walter Little

Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Anthropology

Cultures; diversity; economics; indigenous peoples of the Americas; language; Latin America; popular culture; tourism; urban space

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Anthropologist Walter Little studies the socio-economic and political lives of Latin Americans, primarily indigenous peoples. His multi-sited ethnographic research combines political economy and interpretive perspectives in order to better understand the politics of ethnic identity, international aid and development, tourism, marketplaces, and urban space.

He co-founded the Guatemalan Emergency Relief Fund, a humanitarian organization to help to help reduce poverty and improve education in Maya communities. He is the author of Mayas in the Marketplace: Tourism, Globalization, and Cultural Identity (2004), which won "Best Book of 2005" from the New England Council for Latin American Studies.