Elise Andaya

Cultural anthropologist specializing in medical anthropology; field work has examined reproductive health in Cuba

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Elise Andaya

Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Anthropology

Cuba and political/economic changes; reproductive health; reproductive technologies; cross-cultural ideas of family; gender; sexuality

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Campus email: eandaya@albany.edu


Elise Andaya is a cultural anthropologist specializing in medical anthropology. She conducts fieldwork in Havana, Cuba on shifts in reproduction, gender ideologies, and kinship strategies since the devastating economic and ideological crisis precipitated by the fall of the socialist bloc.

Moving from observations of reproductive health consultations in neighborhood clinics to interviews with women and their families, academics, and medical professionals, she examines the effects of broad political-economic change on familial and reproductive life. She received her doctorate from New York University.