Douglas Conklin

Genomics researcher identifies new cancer drug targets

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Douglas Conklin

Associate Professor
School of Public Health
Department: Cancer Research Center

cancer genomics; functional genomics; genetics; breast cancer

Campus phone: (518) 591-7154
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An associate professor in the Cancer Research Center, Doug Conklin and his group use high-throughput gene function studies to identify new genes important to human cancer cells. Dr. Conklin is a developer of an RNA-based technology that has revolutionized genetic studies in mouse and human cells. His lab uses this technology at the UAlbany Cancer Research Center to identify and study druggable targets for breast and other cancers. Their work has yielded a number of publications and patents related to cancer cell metabolism and signaling.

Most recently, Conklin received a $50,000 investment from the SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund to examine the impact of Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase (BTK) inhibitors in breast cancer suppression.

His group’s work at UAlbany has been supported by grants from the NCI, NIH, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program and the Susan G. Komen Foundation among others. He teaches in both the School of Public Health and the College of Arts and Sciences and currently serves as Chair of the New York State Health Research Science Board.