Jason Herschkowitz

Investigates role of RNA in combating breast cancer, molecular mechanisms that regulate breast cancer stem cells

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Jason Herschkowitz

Assistant Professor
School of Public Health
Department: Cancer Research Center

Cancer; RNA; stem cells; therapy-resistant cancer cells

Campus phone: 591-7204
Campus email: jherschkowitz@albany.edu


Recipient of a National Institutes of Health award to aid the career of a promising cancer-research scientist, breast cancer researcher Jason Herschkowitz arrived at UAlbany in fall 2013 to advance his work at the University’s Cancer Research Center, located on the East Campus.

Herschkowitz works with long non-coding RNAs to develop a greater understanding of the molecular mechanisms that regulate breast cancer stem cells — critical for devising new treatments that selectively target these aggressive and therapy-resistant cancer cells.

By exploring how lncRNAs regulate this process, Herschkowitz ultimately seeks to develop mechanisms that will sensitize tumors to conventional therapies.