Özlem Uzuner

Examines medical informatics, clinical language processing, information extraction and retrieval

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Özlem Uzuner

Associate Professor
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Department: Computer Science

Medical informatics; natural language processing; clinical language processing; information extraction; information retrieval; question answering

Campus phone: 442-5110
Campus email: ouzuner@albany.edu


Uzuner is interested in digital information, intellectual property, and privacy; she studies both technology and policy issues related to dissemination of information and protection of intellectual property and privacy in the digital world. In particular, she applies Natural Language Processing techniques to policy problems and applications that can benefit from textual and linguistic processing. Information retrieval, medical language processing, information extraction, data anonymization, and text summarization are her current foci. She has been published in Digital Government and Internet Taxation.

Uzuner received her Ph.D. in Technology, Management and Policy Program from the Engineering Systems Division of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in February 2005. Her dissertation was on Identifying Expression Fingerprints Using Linguistic Information for the purposes of copyright infringement detection, even when documents are paraphrased.