Sample Preparation Equipment/Instruments

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The Tissue Core also has an Mettler Toledo AB204-S/Fact analytical balance, Denver Instruments APX-153 top loading balance, Mettler Toledo Seven easy pH meter, Barnstead Diamond Nanopure water purifyer and a Consolidated Sterilization Sytems autoclave. The Tissue Core has four Baker Company Sterilgard III Advance laminar flow hoods, one Beckman-Coulter Z2 coulter particle count and size analyzer, one Leica CM 1860 cryostat and one Leica VT 1200S vibratome.

Sample preparation is a critical component to any experiment. Basic procedures like using nanopure water, weighing chemicals, measuring pH of buffers and medium and sterilizing glassware, utensils, buffer are essential to all experiments. Sample preparation includes manipulating cells, tissues or biological materials in an appropriate environment and making thin sections for microscopic investigation. The Tissue Core facility has instruments that are designed to facilitate sample preparation. The particle counter can count the number of cells, give the concentration and the size distribution of a cell population.

Specific Description:
Each laminar flow hood is designed to direct airflow around a surface where cell and tissue manipulation occurs to minimize contamination. The atmosphere is continuously filtered with HEPA filters and ultraviolet light illumination keeps the surface sterile while not in use.

The vibratome is used to prepare histology samples for microscopic analysis. The speed that the vibratome sections material can be adjusted from 0.01 to 1.5 mm/s and the amplitude of sections can be adjusted from 0 to 3 mm in increments of 0.05 mm.

The cryostat is used to prepare frozen tissues for microscopic observation. The cryostat chamber can be set from 0°C to -35°C and the section thickness can be adjusted from 1 to 100 μm.

The particle counter uses the electrical sensing zone method of counting and sizing of cells thus providing accuracy, speed, versatility and reproducibility. The counter provides the entire size distribution graph, the cumulative count and the ability to average count data from a series of up to 10 consecutive analyses.

Leica Cryostat Manual
Leica Vibratome Manual

Leica Cryostat Manual
Leica Vibratome Manual

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