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Explore the science of the mind, brain and behavior.


The Psychology Department at the University at Albany reflects the extraordinarily wide array of types of research in the psychological sciences. A primary goal of our undergraduate and graduate degree programs is to involve students in exciting cutting-edge research across the discipline.

Behavioral Neuroscience: Behavioral endocrinology, developmental neuroscience, sex differences, neurobiological mechanisms of learning and memory, and peripartum mental health.

Language and Cognition: Memory, visual attention, word recognition during reading, bilingualism, cognitive neuroscience, and online communication.

Mental Health of Children and Adults: Autism and related disabilities, pediatric psychology, developmental psychopathology, addictive behaviors, eating disorders, obesity, stress and mood disorders, and psychotherapy process and outcome.

Behavior in Social Environments: Group dynamics, moral judgment, imagination, self-control, prejudice and discrimination, criminal justice, and the link between music and emotion.

Human Behaviors in the Workplace: Employee selection, decision-making, organizational justice, diversity, work-life balance, and employee training and evaluation.




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