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Contacts for the Life Sciences Initiative

Dr. Jeanette Altarriba

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Office: AS 217
Phone: 518-442-4654
[email protected]

Dr. Marlene Belfort

Scientific Director, Life Sciences Research Initiative
Office: LS 2061
Phone: 518-437-4466
[email protected]

Ms. Jessica Moran

Manager, Life Sciences Building Facilities
Office: LS 1065
Phone: 518-437-4414
[email protected]

Dr. Kim DeWeerd

Supervisor, Molecular Biology/Tissue Culture Core
Office: LS 1072
Phone: 518-591-8831
[email protected]

Dr. Vladimir Ermolenkov

Supervisor, Molecular Chemistry Core
Office: LS 1134
Phone: 518-591-8890
[email protected]

Dr. Zheng Wei

Crystallography Supervisor, Department of Chemistry
Office: CHM 219
Phone: 518-442-4400
[email protected]

Dr. Chao Wang

Director, Biological Imaging Facility
Department of Biological Sciences
Office: BI 113
Phone: 518-442-4329
[email protected]

Mr. Dane Cellupica

Office: LS 1008
Phone: 518-591-8866
[email protected]