Core Facilities


Life Sciences Core Facilities

These core facilities are located within the Life Sciences Research Building.

Molecular Biology Core

The University at Albany Molecular Biology Core Facility with its state-of-the-art instrumentation provides the resources necessary for successful research in Molecular Biology. This common-use laboratory has proven to be of critical importance to investigators in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology in the areas of molecular genetics, microbiology, virology, developmental biology, physiology, neurobiology, molecular evolution, population genetics, functional genomics, cancer research, and behavioral science.

Tissue Culture Core

The Tissue Culture Core Facility is a Biosafety Level 2 common-use facility designed for the culturing and manipulation of primary tissue and mammalian cell lines.

Structural Chemistry Core

The Structural Chemistry Core is a shared research facility in the Life Sciences Research Building providing modern instrumentation and techniques in the fields of spectroscopy, spectrometry, calorimetry and related scientific areas.

RNA Epitranscriptomics and Proteomics Resource

RNA Epitranscriptomics and Proteomics Resource (REPR) is a specialized resource with extensive mass spectrometry instrumentation and know-how.

Biological Research Facilities

The Biological Research Facilities provide advanced microscopy technology to research labs. Originally containing electron microscopes and photographic darkrooms, the facility now is focused on light microscopy using digital imaging techniques.

Laboratory Animal Facility

Under the direction of a full-time veterinarian, the Laboratory Animal Facility (LAR) provides the University at Albany with a comprehensive program for the humane care and well-being of animals used for research, training, and education. It operates in compliance with all standards mandated by federal and state law, accrediting bodies and the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee.

Greenhouse Facility

The Life Sciences Greenhouse core features two separate growing rooms, each with its own climate control system and supplemental lighting for year-round propagation of a variety of plant species and experimental systems that require ambient light. The separate work room ("headhouse") stores supplies, tools, and instruments, and is designed for preparing, processing, and studying plant materials.

X-Ray Crystallography Facility Core

X-Ray Crystallography Facility Core is to provide investigators with state-of-the-art equipment and resources for crystallographic analysis of their target small inorganic or organic molecules as well as quality check and initial data collection of macromolecular crystals.

Center for Functional Genomics

The Center for Functional Genomics (CFG) maintains a comprehensive state-of-the-art research facility to support a wide range of services that are offered on a fee-per-service basis to commercial and academic organizations.


Additional Resources

  • Single Molecule TIRF Microscope
  • Scientific Machinist and Electronics Technician, available through CAS Technical Services


Meeting Rooms, Auditorium and Conference Facilities

Conference spaces in the Life Sciences Research Building (LSRB) are available primarily for scientifically related events/meetings/seminars. There may be fees involved in reserving the spaces.

Available Conference Rooms
Reserve a Room

To reserve a Conference Room, contact Jessica Moran at 518-437-4414 or at [email protected].