New Students

The University continues to monitor and respond to COVID-19.   As such, events and activities may be adjusted as needed.  For the most up-to-date information, please view the University's COVID-19 Response Webpage here.

Welcome to the University at Albany! The Office of International Student and Scholar Services has created an orientation website that will provide you with valuable information. 

Spring 2021 International Orientation will take place January 26-January 29, 2021.  This Orientation may be accessible in a remote format over Zoom so that students may participate from anywhere, inside or outside the U.S.  All new students are required to attend Orientation.  Students living on campus should refer to the move-in instructions sent to them by the Office of Residential Life.



Mandatory Pre-Orientation (Online)

The pre-Orientation on Blackboard will open November 16, 2020.  For detailed instructions on how to access it please click here. If you cannot access it, please email [email protected] for assistance.

You can also access recordings of Orientation through our Blackboard site, see this screenshot.

ISSS’s Pre-Arrival Orientation on Blackboard is designed to serve students in two key ways: First, it will prepare you for your life as a UAlbany student starting this spring; second, it will help you get familiar with Blackboard, the primary platform for online instruction at the University.

A quiz is required to assess your understanding of the content inside the modules. Students must earn an 85% to pass this quiz.

ISSS will have modules available from November 2020-January 2021. You are required to review these modules prior to the beginning of class this Spring.

This pre-arrival orientation is self-paced within the start and end date of the program.  You are required to review these modules prior to the beginning of class this Spring. Accompanying each “Module” (the sub folders under the “Content” section) will be a virtual Zoom Q&A, during which ISSS staff can answer your questions and concerns.  Please see the schedule below; Zoom join links are available within the Blackboard page:

  • Introduction and Preparing for Arrival- November 16th-November 20th
    • Live Zoom Q&A: Tuesday, 11/17, 9am (EST- NY time).  
  • Housing- November 23th- November 27th
    • Live Zoom Q&A: Tuesday, 11/24, 9am (EST- NY time).  
  • Great Dane Community Standards and Title IX- November 30th-December 4th
    • Live Zoom Q&A: Tuesday, 12/1, 9am (EST- NY time).  
  • Cultural Adjustment and U.S. Race Relations- December 6th- December 11th
    • Live Zoom Q&A: Thursday, 12/10, 9am (EST- NY time).  
  • Academic Success and Online Learning- December 14th- December 18th
    • Live Zoom Q&A: Thursday, 12/17, 9am (EST- NY time).  
  • Managing Your Finances- December 21st-December 25th
    • Live Zoom Q&A:  Monday, 12/21, 9am (EST- NY time).  
  • Immigration Matters- December 28th-January 1st
    • Live Zoom Q&A:  Monday, 12/28, 9am (EST- NY time).  
  • Personal and Online Safety- January 4th-January 8th
    • Live Zoom Q&A: Tuesday, 1/5, 9am (EST- NY time).  
  • Health Care and Insurance- January 11th-January 15th
    • Live Zoom Q&A: Tuesday, 1/12, 9am (EST- NY time).    
  • Campus Engagement/ Your Experiential Resume- January 18th-January 20th
    • Live Zoom Q&A:  Tuesday, 1/18 at 9am (EST- NY time).  
  • Career/Professional Development and Employment Resources- January 21st-January 22nd
    • Live Zoom Q&A: Thursday, 1/21 at 9am (EST- NY time). 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]