Reporting Requirements

Reporting Requirements

F-1 and J-1 students are legally required to report changes to ISSS within 10 days.  Making timely updates to ISSS is part of maintaining your status.

Watch this video to help you report demographic changes in MyUAlbany such as address, email, and phone number

Updating Personal Demographic Information in MyUAlbany
Change of Legal Name

If you change your legal name you must provide ISSS with updated documentation reflecting the change of name (such as a passport) so that the change can be reported to DHS and you can be issued an updated I-20 or DS-2019.

In addition to reporting to ISSS for DHS reporting, current and former students should report a name change to the Registrar's Office.  Students can update their legal name, gender, date of birth or other demographic information in official University records by submitting a Personal Identification Change Form. Two valid, non-expired forms of identification are required. The identification must demonstrate the requested change.

Change of Address

When a student moves the student must update their address in MyUAlbany within 10 days to report to ISSS and DHS. DHS reporting is completed through the SEVIS USA address (where you physically reside in the U.S.) and SEVIS Foreign address (your permanent address in your home country).

To update or verify your address follow these steps:

Step 1:

Step 2: Check your SEVIS USA Address:

  • On the tabs click on addresses
  •  If you have a SEVIS USA Address listed verify it is your current physical residence in the U.S.  
  • If you do not have a SEVIS USA Address click the Add a new Address button
  • Type in the address where you live in the US.  US addresses are formatted as follows:
    • Line 1: Building Number & Street Name
    • Line 2: Apartment Number
    • Line 3: City, State, Zip Code
      • Ex: 123 Main Street
      • Apt 1a
      • Albany, NY, 12222
  • Press OK. Check SEVIS USA from the list of Address Types
  • Click Save

Step 3: Check your SEVIS Foreign Address:

  • On the tabs click on addresses.
  • If you have a SEVIS Foreign Address listed check that it is your correct address OUTSIDE the US
  • If you do not have a SEVIS Foreign Address click the Add a new Address button
  • Click the Change County link and chose your home country
  • Type in your address outside the US. Press OK. Check SEVIS Foreign from the list of Address Types
  • Click Save
Change of Phone Number

Both a U.S. phone number and foreign number are reported in SEVIS. You must report changes in your phone number in MyUAlbany by following the steps below:

Step 1:

Step 2: Check your Phone Number:

  • On the tabs click on phone numbers
  • Look at the phone number you have checked as preferred
  • If it is a US based phone number, be sure it is formatted like this (but with your phone number): 999/999-9999. Make sure that there are is not a 1 or + or other number in front. There should be nothing in the Country box
Change of Email Address

Your default email address in SEVIS is your address, but you can also report a secondary address in MyUAlbany. To do so:

  • Log-in to MyUAlbany
  • In the middle box on the left, click on Email Addresses and add a New Email Address
  • While it is still active the address will always be preferred

After graduation the email will remain active for 6 months. As long as the Albany email address is active it will be listed as the preferred address in MyUAlbany and in SEVIS. Students on OPT and STEM OPT must have an alternate email address listed in MyUAlbany. When the Albany email address deactivates ISSS will switch your SEVIS email address over to the alternate email address provided in MyUAlbany.

Departing the U.S. and/or UAlbany

If a student intends to depart the UAlbany and or the U.S. for an extended period, either while taking a leave of absence; withdrawing from their program;  transferring to another school; or ending OPT training early; the student must report that departure to ISSS using the Departure EForm.

Change of Status

If a student changes status they should provide ISSS documentation of that new approved status. Documentation may include, but is not limited to: a naturalization certificate, a green card, a change of status approval notice from USCIS, a new I-94, an immigrant visa with entrance stamp endorsed by a CBP officer, etc.

Reporting Requirements for Students on OPT/STEM OPT

Please review the OPT and STEM OPT Employment Reporting page for additional reporting requirements while on OPT/STEM OPT.


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