Other Considerations

Other Considerations for J-1 Scholars

Sensitive/Critical Areas of Research, Countries of Concern and Related Information

Due to heightened concern for national security, scholars seeking U.S. visas from overseas countries designated as “state sponsors of terrorism;” from overseas countries considered to possess nuclear capability; from overseas countries of “particular Concern/special watch list;” who is/was affiliated with a China Defense University; who may be impacted by the Iran Threat Reduction and Syrian Human Rights; and/or who engaged in activities designated on or related to the Technology Alert List (TAL) may encounter lengthy delays and additional security clearances. When a scholar applies for a J-1 visa the Consular Official must determine if there is a country-based concern and whether a past, current or future research area aligns with one of the categories of the TAL. If the Consular Official is unsure about whether the research area fits into a particular category or has concerns, s/he may refer the application for administrative processing (Visa Mantis). In general, this review may take several weeks or months depending on the case. For more information about consular administrative processing please visit the Department of State website.

Undue Foreign Influences and Export Control

UAlbany Export Control policies are housed in the Office of Enterprise Risk Management. Hosting departments, sponsoring faculty and scholars are responsible for understanding and adhering to related requirements. Should you have any questions  please direct them to the Office of Enterprise Risk Management, the Division of Research and Economic Development, and the Research Foundation as appropriate.

Transferring Out from UAlbany to Another U.S. Institution

If a scholar intends to transfer to another institution to continue a J-1 program, please contact Tara Evans ([email protected])  before the J-1 program expires to request a SEVIS transfer (if eligible).

J-2 Dependents

Please review information for inviting J-2 dependents, including resources for J-2 dependents.