Brittany Frederick has taken advantage of the applied learning and public engagement opportunities that were available to her as a student in the Department of History.

Brittany earned her B.A. in History with a concentration in American History. She later earned her M.A. in Public History.

Recently, Brittany shared her work at the Researching New York Conference: Perspectives on Empire State History. There, she discussed archival materials and how they can be presented and enhanced through digital means. With a theme of “communities,” she shared the following presentation: “A Digital Revolution of the 1960s-1970s: Sharing Stories of Social Movements at College Campuses and Making Them Accessible Through Digital Medium.”

See a sample of her work here.

Among other honors, Brittany is also the recent past recipient of the Adna W. Risley Memorial Scholarship, which she received due to her demonstrated dedication and commitment to civic engagement. Brittany has also received the Patricia Stocking Brown Research Award and the Sherry Penney Prize, awarded to the most outstanding graduate woman in the History Department.


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