CAS Faculty Council

The Faculty Council and the Council of Chairs together make up a two-council structure of governance. The Faculty Council is an elective body that makes recommendations to the Dean concerning College and University matters. The following information about the Council is derived from Article II of the College Bylaws. View the University Senate page.


One voting member of the Faculty Council is elected from among the teaching faculty of each Department of the College, and two voting members are elected from the Professional Staff of the College. The Officers of the Council are a Chairperson, a Vice-Chair, and a Recorder. The Vice-Chair and Recorder are elected for the following year by the combined outgoing and incoming Council at the final spring semester meeting, and they serve one-year terms, beginning May 15. At the end of his or her one-year term, the Vice-Chair becomes Chairperson for the following academic year. In the event that the Vice-Chair completes his or her first or second successive two-year term on the Council at the end of his or her term as Vice-Chair, he or she continues on the Council for an additional year in order to preserve continuity among elected officers.

The Chairperson prepares the calendar of Council and CAS faculty meetings, chairs the Executive Committee, meets periodically with the Dean on behalf of the Council, represents the Faculty Council as a non-voting member of the Council of Chairs, and performs any other duties designated in the By-Laws. The Vice-Chair presides over Council meetings and represents the Council in any other way in the absence of the Chair, chairs the Nominating Committee, and may represent the Council at Council of Chairs meetings. The Vice-Chair also communicates regularly with University Senators elected from the College, attends University Senate meetings as a non-voting representative of the Faculty Council, and may advise University Senators, on behalf of the Faculty Council, concerning matters of interest to College Faculty. The Vice-Chair serves as a member of the Executive Committee and prepares to serve as Chair upon expiration of his/her term as Vice-Chair. The Recorder takes and prepares minutes of Council meetings and serves as the Council's point of historical reference and research when necessary.

Powers and Responsibilities

The Faculty Council makes recommendations to the Dean concerning

  • Policies related to faculty development

  • Policies related to academic programs

  • Curriculum design and revision

  • Policies related to academic support and support services

  • Nominations for College- and University-wide ad hoc task forces and other administratively-formed committees

The Council establishes policies and procedures for adjudicating student academic grievances that are within the authority of the College. The Council reports periodically to the Faculty of the College, including an Annual Report of the activities of its Committees. The Council has authority to constitute standing and ad hoc committees and appoints all members of its Committees, providing that:

  • Each standing committee shall include no fewer than one Councilor.

  • No two members of any Committee shall represent the same department.

  • Membership on the Faculty Council is corequisite to serving as Chair of any of the Council's standing Committees.

All actions of the Council's Committees, with the exception of personnel recommendations by the Tenure and Promotion Committee, are reported to the Faculty Council and are subject to confirmation by the Council.

Member List

2019 - 2020

One voting member of the Faculty Council is elected from among the teaching faculty of each department of the College. Two voting members are elected from the professional staff of the College. In addition, At-Large Councilors are elected from the full body of faculty and staff in the College. Non-Councilors are selected from the departments to serve only on the standing committees of the Council.



Constituency Member Committee Term End 
Africana Studies Oscar Williams Nominating S21
Anthropology Lauren Clemens Executive S21
Art & Art History Michael Werner Faculty Development S20
Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences Jiping Liu Faculty Development S21
Biological Sciences Pan Li Faculty Development S21
Chemistry Mehmet Yigit Faculty Development S21
Communication Chang S. Park Academic Programs S21
East Asian Studies John Person Academic Programs S20
Economics Yue Li Faculty Development S21
English Erica Fretwell Academic Support S21
Geography & Planning Shiguo Jiang Academic Programs S20
History Michael Taylor Academic Support S21
LACS Alejandra Bronfman Academic Programs S20
LLC Olimpia Pelosi Executive, Nominating S21
LLC  Frédéric Meni  Academic Support  S21 
Mathematics & Statistics Yunlong Feng Faculty Development S21
Music & Theatre Kathryn Walat Faculty Development S20
Philosophy Ron McClamrock Tenure and Promotion S21
Physics William Lanford Academic Support S21
Psychology Brendan Gaesser Faculty Development S21
Sociology Francisco Vieyra Faculty Development S21
Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Wen Liu Academic Support S20
Biological Sciences Haijun Chen Executive S20
At Large Ulrich Hounyo Academic Programs S20
At Large Joanna Dreby Academic Support S21
Professional Christine Puleo Academic Programs S21
Dean Jeanette Altarriba Executive  
Appointed Ron Friedman Academic Support S20
Committee List

2019 - 2020

The standing committees of the Faculty Council consult with and advise the Faculty and the Dean on College policies, academic programs, courses, and personnel decisions. All actions of the Council's Committees, with the exception of personnel recommendations by the Tenure and Promotion Committee, are reported to the Faculty Council and are subject to confirmation by the Council.


Chair Haijun Chen Biological Sciences  
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect Olimpia Pelosi LLC  
Recorder Lauren Clemens Anthropology  
Dean Jeanette Altarriba, ex officio College of Arts and Sciences, Dean's Office  
Executive Committee includes the above officers and Chairs of the standing committees


Name Rank/Title Department Term End


Olimpia Pelosi, Chair Associate Professor LLC S21
Oscar Williams Associate Professor Africana Studies S21
Aaron Major Associate Professor Sociology S21
Ing-Nang Wang Associate Professor Biological Sciences S21
Jeanette Altarriba, ex officio   Dean  

Tenure & Promotion

Ron McClamrock, Chair Associate Professor Philosophy S21
Aiguo Dai Professor Atmospheric & Environmental S20
Ben Szaro Professor Biological Sciences S20
Kajal Lahiri Professor Economics S20
Mark Muraven Professor Psychology S20
Nadia Kizenko Professor History S20
Ivana Alexandrova Associate Professor Mathematics & Statistics S20
Adam Gordon Associate Professor Anthropology S20
Ineke Murakami Associate Professor English S20
Oleg Lunin Associate Professor Physics S20
David Lewis  Associate Professor Geography & Planning S20
Katherine Trent Professor Sociology S20
Marie Rabideau, ex officio Assistant Dean Office of the Dean  
Staff Support: Ross Smith Senior Staff Assistant Office of the Dean  

Faculty Development

Pan Li, Chair Associate Professor Biological Sciences S21
Kathryn Walat Assistant Professor Music & Theatre S20
Yunlong Feng Assistant Professor Mathematics & Statistics S21
Yue Li Assistant Professor Economics S21
Jiping Liu Associate Professor Atmospheric & Environmental S21
Michael Werner Associate Professor Art & Art History S20
Francisco Vieyra Assistant Professor Sociology S21
Mehmet Ygit Assistant Professor Chemistry S21
Brendan Gaesser Assistant Professor Psychology S21
Susanna Fessler, ex officio Associate Dean Office of the Dean  
Staff Support: Rick Ruotolo Staff Assistant Office of the Dean  

Academic Programs

Alejandra Bronfman, Chair Associate Professor LACS S20
John Person Assistant Professor East Asian Studies S20
Shiguo Jiang Assistant Professor Geography & Planning S20
Ulrich Hounyo Assistant Professor  Economics S20
Chang S. Park Assistant Professor  Communication S21
Christine Puleo Advisement Assistant Sociology S21                  
Laura Wilder Associate Professor English S21
Caren Stark, ex officio Assistant Dean Office of the Dean  
Staff Support: Cindy Endres  Secretary to the Dean Office of the Dean  

Academic Support

Ron Friedman, Chair Director Psychology S20
Wen Liu Assistant Professor Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies S20
Joanna Dreby Associate Professor Sociology S21
Erica Fretwell Assistant Professor English S21
William Lanford Professor Physics S21
Frédéric Meni Instructional Support Technician  Languages, Literatures and Cultures  S21 
Michael Taylor Assistant Professor History S21
Daiqiang Zhang Assistant Professor Economics S21
Elizabeth Gaffney, ex officio Assistant Dean Office of the Dean  
Staff Support: Cindy Endres Secretary to the Dean Office of the Dean
Meeting Schedule

Please check this webpage for updates to the schedule of Council meetings. Contact the appropriate committee chair or the Office of the Dean for the schedule of committee meetings.

Minutes are posted once they are approved by a vote of the Council at the next meeting.

2023-24 Meeting Schedule
Last Wednesday of each month, 2:45 to 4:15 p.m.

Fall 2023

  • Aug. 30
  • Sept. 27
  • Oct. 25
  • Nov. 29 - Full Faculty Council Meeting

Spring 2024

  • Jan. 31
  • Feb. 28
  • Mar. 27
  • Apr. 24
Faculty Council Meeting Minutes

Current Year Minutes


Minutes Archive

Minutes for all meetings are compiled into downloadable PDFs for each year.