Kate Bradley is a first-year doctoral student in the English department. Prior to coming to UAlbany, Kate taught writing courses with community engagement components at Colby-Sawyer College and the Community College of Vermont. She holds an MFA in fiction writing from Virginia Commonwealth University and has published stories in national literary journals. 

In recent years, community-engaged learning has gained popularity in college curricula. How can community-engaged pedagogy fit into introductory-level English courses, where instructors are often already overwhelmed by the course objectives that need to be met? Can the method help college students learn to negotiate their roles as local and global citizens? Can it help students to become better writers?

Kate Bradley addressed these questions at The SUNY Conference on Writing.  She shared how broadening the range of opportunities afforded by the English classroom can lead to increased student engagement and deeper learning. Workshop attendees learned about key elements and best practices for implementing community-engaged learning in English courses.

Where to Start if You’re New To Service Learning:

Identifying a community partner:

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