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The Program in Writing and Critical Inquiry Faculty and Staff

All Writing and Critical Inquiry classes are taught by experienced professionals who have advanced training in a wide range of academic fields, including rhetoric and composition, literary theory, philosophy, and creative writing. Our faculty form a distinctive community of teacher-scholars dedicated to helping UAlbany students succeed as writers and thinkers across the undergraduate curriculum.



Robert Yagelski, Director of the Program in Writing & 

Critical Inquiry
Office: LI B 96A
Research Interests: rhetoric and composition, writing theory and pedagogy, writing development, literacy, English education

Office: LI B 96X
Research Interests: 19th and 20th century American literature, Caribbean literature, Writing Studies

Office: LI B 96G
Research Interests: First-year writing, the American Dream in literature, American identity in literature, and the role of multicultural literature in the secondary English classroom.
Office: LI B 96O
Research Interests: Rhetoric and Composition Pedagogy

Llana Carroll

Office: LI B 96U
Research Interests:Rhetoric and Composition, Pedagogy, Psychoanalysis, Gender and Women’s Studies, Nonfiction, Memoir

Office: LI B 96Y
Research Interests: Late 20th – 21st Century American Literature, Feminist Cultural Theory, Trauma Studies, Film Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Composition and Rhetoric
Office: LI B 96M
Research Interests: Medieval European history, the history of higher education, religious history, saints and holy people, memory, and first-year writing.

Office: LI B 96I
Research Interests: Gender/Transgender Studies, Disability Studies, Performance Theory, Autobiography and Autotheory, Canadian, British, & U.S. Multicultural Fiction, Race, Class & Environmental Justice.


Office: LI B 96Z

Research Interests: First-year writing, peer education, metaliteracy and its connection to the writing process, first generation college students


Jonathan DubowJonathan Dubow

Office: LI B 96H

Email: [email protected]

Research Interests: First-year writing, developmental education, creative writing, poetry and poetics.

Heather Duncan
Heather Duncan

Office: LI B 96W

Email: [email protected]

Research Interests: Ecocriticism, Environmental Humanities, Environmental Justice, Science Studies, Science Fiction/Horror, Contemporary Literature

Office: LI B 96N
Research Interests: Creative Writing; Twentieth Century North American Poetry and Poetics; Animal Studies; Feminist Theory; Queer Theory; Ecopoetics; Posthumanist Studies; African American Studies


Office: LI B 95C

Research Interests: Poetry and Poetics; Creative Nonfiction; First Year College Writing; Italian language and culture, and body/mind practices in Asian philosophies and religions.

Office: LI B 96B
Research Interests: Modernist literature, Psychoanalysis, Ethics, Fabulist fiction, creative writing, and photography.

Office: LI B 96Q
Research Interests:Second Language Writing, World Englishes, and Translingualism.
amber jackson
Amber Jackson

Office: LI B 965B

Email: [email protected]

Research Interests: rhetoric and composition, creative writing, poetry and poetics, first generation college students, sociolinguistics.

Office: LI B 96E
Research Interests: First year writing, fiction and nonfiction writing, contemporary American fiction

Office: LI B 96P
Research Interests: American Cultural Studies, 20th & 21st Century American Literature, Political Theory, Trauma & Violence Studies, Composition Pedagogy.
Office: LI B 96F
Research Interests: Early American literature, biblical hermeneutics, the epic hero, digital humanities. 
Office: LI B 95D
Research Interests:Modern & Contemporary Experimental Poetry & Poetics, Comics & Graphic Novels, Comparative Genre Studies, Writing & the Western Esoteric Tradition, Ethnopoetics, Subcultures in Modern & Contemporary Music, Radical Expressivist Writing Studies.

Office: LI B 96B
Research Interests: Contemporary fiction, experimental fiction, 
narrative theory, film, Classical literature
Office: LI B 95F
Research Interests: legal analysis and rhetoric; online pedagogical practices; community service and empowerment; psychoanalytic and socio-cultural studies of trauma; psychoanalysis and religion; women and terrorism; autobiographical fiction and memory
Ryan Orr

Office: LI B 95G

Email: [email protected]

Research Interests: Rhetoric and Composition Pedagogy, First-Year Writing, The Personal Essay, Creative Writing

Office: LI B 96L
Research Interests: Eco-theater, environmental justice literature, the anthropocene, contemporary theater, popular culture