WCI Faculty

WCI Faculty Retreat Photo (2022)  

The Program in Writing and Critical Inquiry Faculty and Staff

All Writing and Critical Inquiry classes are taught by experienced professionals who have advanced training in a wide range of academic fields, including rhetoric and composition, literary theory, philosophy, and creative writing. Our faculty form a distinctive community of teacher-scholars dedicated to helping UAlbany students succeed as writers and thinkers across the undergraduate curriculum.



Stephanie Hassan Richardson

Director of the Program in Writing & Critical Inquiry

Office: LI B 96A
Research Interests: Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies, Universal Design, Experiential Learning, Anti-racist Ecologies, Cultural Rhetorics, Writing Program Administration

Genevieve Aldi

Office: LI B 95D

Email: [email protected]

Research Interests: Gender and Women's Studies, Contemporary Drama, Diverse Voices in Literature, Contemporary Fiction, True Crime Narratives, Memoir, Pop Culture 

Jaclyn Amoroso

Office: LI B 96G
Research Interests: First-year writing, the American Dream in literature, American identity in literature, and the role of multicultural literature in the secondary English classroom.



Evelyn Baldwin

Office: LI B 96O

Research Interests: Rhetoric and Composition Pedagog

Llana Carroll

Office: LI B 96U
Research Interests:Rhetoric and Composition, Pedagogy, Psychoanalysis, Gender and Women’s Studies, Nonfiction, Memoir


Allison Craigheadshot photo of Dr. Allison Craig

Office: LI B 96Y
Research Interests: Late 20th – 21st Century American Literature, Feminist Cultural Theory, Trauma Studies, Film Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Composition and Rhetoric

Office: LI B 96M
Research Interests: Medieval European history, the history of higher education, religious history, saints and holy people, memory, and first-year writing.

Office: LI B 96I
Research Interests: Gender/Transgender Studies, Disability Studies, Performance Theory, Autobiography and Autotheory, Canadian, British, & U.S. Multicultural Fiction, Race, Class & Environmental Justice.

Susan  Detwiler

Assistant Director 

Office: LI B 96Z

Research Interests: First-year writing, peer education, metaliteracy and its connection to the writing process, first generation college students

Jonathan DubowJonathan Dubow

Office: LI B 96H

Email: [email protected]

Research Interests: First-year writing, developmental education, creative writing, poetry and poetics.

Office: LI B 96N
Research Interests: Creative Writing; Twentieth Century North American Poetry and Poetics; Animal Studies; Feminist Theory; Queer Theory; Ecopoetics; Posthumanist Studies; African American Studies


Office: LI B 95C

Research Interests: Poetry and Poetics; Creative Nonfiction; First Year College Writing; Italian language and culture, and body/mind practices in Asian philosophies and religions.
Office: LI B 96B
Research Interests: Modernist literature, Psychoanalysis, Ethics, Fabulist fiction, creative writing, and photography.


amber jacksonAmber Jackson

Office: LI B 965B

Email: [email protected]

Research Interests: rhetoric and composition, creative writing, poetry and poetics, first generation college students, sociolinguistics.

Jeffrey Janssens

Office: LI B 96E
Research Interests: First year writing, fiction and nonfiction writing, contemporary American fiction


Office: LI B 96P
Research Interests: American Cultural Studies, 20th & 21st Century American Literature, Political Theory, Trauma & Violence Studies, Composition Pedagogy.


Joseph Meyer

Interim Assistant Director

Office: LI B 96F
Research Interests: Early American literature, biblical hermeneutics, the epic hero, digital humanities. 
Office: LI B 96B
Research Interests: Contemporary fiction, experimental fiction, 
narrative theory, film, Classical literature
Office: LI B 95F
Research Interests: legal analysis and rhetoric; online pedagogical practices; community service and empowerment; psychoanalytic and socio-cultural studies of trauma; psychoanalysis and religion; women and terrorism; autobiographical fiction and memory
Ryan Orr

Office: LI B 95G

Email: [email protected]

Research Interests: Rhetoric and Composition Pedagogy, First-Year Writing, The Personal Essay, Creative Writing

Rebecca Reilly

Office: LI 96R

Email[email protected]

Research Interests

Courtney Ryan

Office: LI B 96L
Research Interests: Eco-theater, environmental justice literature, the anthropocene, contemporary theater, popular culture
Office: LI 96X
Research Interests: Ungrading; Social justice in rhetoric/composition and First-Year Writing; Translingual instruction in rhetoric/composition; demotic poetics; Southern Gothic, new Southern writing; female protagonists, political activist protagonists; English-, German-, Russian-, and Yiddish-language fiction and poetry; transnational literature, language studies, diglossia (Russian-English), heteroglossia, interlingual jokes, translation, mistranslation; ordinary language; Odessa, Odessa gangster narratives; Detroit, Detroit gangster narratives; Southern Ontario Gothic; 19th century Gothic narratives; Franz Kafka, William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor, Eudora Welty, Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov, Isaak Babel, Nikolai Gogol, Edward P. Jones, Gabriel García Márquez, Denis Johnson, Tobias Wolff, James Baldwin, J. M. Coetzee, Yuri Olesha, Teju Cole, Joseph Conrad, Rachel Kushner, W. G. Sebald