Joe M. Meyer

Joe M. Meyer

Assistant Director & Lecturer II
Writing & Critical Inquiry Program
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University Library Basement 96F (LI B96F)

PhD, University of Arkansas 

Joseph M. Meyer

Joe received his PhD in early American literature from the University of Arkansas. His research is primarily concerned with biblical hermeneutics, the epic hero, and digital humanities.  

In his WCI classes, Joe often brings in early American texts to show how American culture has evolved and how the same motifs from texts such as the captivity narrative of Mary Rowlandson, Frederick Douglass's autobiography and Moby-Dick continue to shape the movements of American culture to this day. 

Research Interests: Early American literature, neomodernism, the epic hero, digital humanities, pedagogies of awe

Course Description: How do we approach large-scale problems both in the world and in our own lives? We're going to learn a process to do just that. In this course, we will take a look at three forms of analysis: exploratory, critical, and rhetorical. Once you're able to comfortably navigate those three analyses, it will open up a whole new way to look at life. The course consists of three major paper assignments, quizzes, and a large-scale group project. By the end of the course, you should leave knowing how to approach problems and tasks, work in a group toward a common goal, and feel confident in your ability to navigate the rigors of academic work and beyond.