Peer Mentors

What is the Peer Mentor Program? 

The Writing and Critical Inquiry (WCI) Peer Mentor Program places an experienced peer in WCI seminars to help new students adjust socially and academically to UAlbany. 

Peer Mentors are students who have already successfully completed a WCI seminar and want to help their peers adjust to the academic expectations of college-level writing, research, reading and inquiry.

In return, Peer Mentors have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, inspire other students, work closely with faculty and refine their writing process. 


A student who is facing the camera and holding a clipboard looks at another student who is faced away from the camera and sitting at a desktop computer.


How do Peer Mentors contribute to WCI courses? 

Peer Mentors share their own experiences navigating academic and social challenges with students currently enrolled in a WCI course, while working with a WCI instructor to learn more about peer mentorship and the writing process. 

Peer Mentors attend each class of one WCI course section and work with the class’s instructor to accomplish various tasks, which may include: 

  • Observe classroom dynamics and take notes to share with the instructor 

  • Support student collaboration 

  • Design activities based on the reading and writing process 

  • Create blogs, discussion boards, prompts or other assignments

  • Read students’ posts and responses on Brightspace and provide group feedback 

  • Help students with library research 

  • Facilitate class discussions 

  • Conduct one-on-one writing conferences


Who is eligible to become a Peer Mentor? 

To be selected as a Peer Mentor, you must have: 

  • Successfully completed a WCI seminar

  • An overall GPA of at least 3.3 

  • A recommendation from a WCI instructor 

  • Genuine interest in developing leadership skills, being a role model for new UAlbany students and learning more about the writing process 

Students who are selected for the Peer Mentor Program will enroll in UUNI 350, a three-credit fall semester course. 

UUNI 350 students attend six class sessions, regularly participate online using Brightspace and spend about five hours per week engaged in WCI activities over the course of the semester. 

Apply to become a Peer Mentor.

Questions? Contact the program at [email protected] or 518-442-3348.