Allison V. Craig

Allison V. Craig

Assistant Director & Lecturer II
Writing & Critical Inquiry Program


University Library Basement 96Y (LI B96Y)

PhD, University at Albany 

MA, Virginia Tech

Allison V. Craig

Allison V. Craig joined the UAlbany faculty as WCI lecturer in 2013. She received her PhD in English from UAlbany and her master’s in English from Virginia Tech. 

Professor Craig’s research and teaching interests include late 20th to 21st century American literature, with a focus on gender and crisis. She is interested in how cultural texts and writing about cultural texts both offer ways to examine individual and systemic behaviors and foster critical thinking.  

Research Interests: Late 20th to 21st century American literature, feminist cultural theory, trauma studies, film studies, critical pedagogy, composition and rhetoric 

Course Description

In Dr. Craig's Writing and Critical Inquiry course, students learn key practices of scholarly writing with, at times, some unconventional twists. Students may write in a variety of forms and are encouraged to experiment with multimodality through video and digital essays, podcasts, and mixed genres, some of which have included art, music, and dance). Although there are shared readings, such as Stacey Waite’s “How and Why to Write Queer” and Nikole Hannah Jones’ “The Idea of America,” students choose what to write and research. In the Personal Inquiry, students examine their thinking about an experience or issue. In the Analysis Inquiry, students seek out experts to address questions that remain unresolved from their Personal Inquiries. Students then present collaboratively on what they’ve learned and provide a glimpse of the answers they will individually test in the culminating Conversation Inquiry. Nuts & bolts: course materials are open-source (nothing to buy); policies and learning are designed for maximum accessibility; grading is labor/process-based. 

Pronouns: She/they