Multiple students laugh and smile while seated inside a classroom with tiered rows of seating. Multiple students laugh and smile while seated inside a classroom with tiered rows of seating.

Writing & Critical Inquiry (WCI) Program

What is the Writing & Critical Inquiry Program? 

We are a diverse community of instructors and scholars who offer UAlbany’s undergraduate students a rigorous introduction to the work of writing and thinking in college. 

Our faculty members are experts in helping students become effective, lifelong learners by connecting writing practices to the process of critical thinking. 

The Writing & Critical Inquiry (WCI) seminar is a dynamic learning environment where students benefit from small classes and one-on-one interactions with their instructor.

The WCI seminar is a required course for all incoming first-year (freshmen) and transfer students, fulfilling UAlbany’s General Education requirement for writing and critical inquiry. 


WCI News 

Contact the Writing and Critical Inquiry Program
University Library, Basement 96

1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222
United States

Office Hours

Instructors’ office hours are available in course syllabi and on Brightspace.

Please use these videos and instructions to find our offices:

To get to the WCI offices using stairs, start outside facing the main entrance to the University Library at the Academic Podium level. Make a right and take the stairs located between the University Library and Catskill Building. Our office is located at the bottom of the staircase, across the courtyard. 

To get to the WCI offices without using stairs, take the Academic Podium elevator (located outside, near the main entrance to the University Library) down to the Mezzanine (MZ) level. When you exit the elevator, go down the short hallway into the Lecture Centers, turn right and take the doors leading outside. Enter Educational Opportunity Program’s offices, go straight down the hallway. Turn right and then turn left, passing the bathrooms. Go through the black door and down the hall, then turn left again. Our office is located at the end of that hall.

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