Moving & Storage Options

UAS has contracted with Don's Moving and Storage to offer moving and storage services to UAlbany students. Don's is the only storage and moving service sanctioned by the University and allowed on campus.


Fall 2021 Deliveries

Don's will return your storage boxes when you return to campus in August (even if you move off campus). See their fall delivery dates below. 

About Don's Moving and Storage

Don's Moving and Storage has been owned by the Mangine family since the 1950s and is a trusted local company. Students can get move in/move out assistance from Don's by contacting the company directly. Either by visiting the website or calling toll free 855-973-1057.

Don's Moving and Storage is also utilized by students looking for summer storage for the convenience of storing items locally instead of transporting them back home. Learn more about their storage options here

Don's will drop off storage boxes on campus, pick up the storage boxes from campus and deliver them back to campus when necessary.

For more information about the storage options provided by Don's Moving and Storage please visit their website.


Moving Information 

If you need moving and storage services, please contact Don's directly at 855-973-1057 or visit their website