A wide variety of beverages and snacks are available throughout the UAlbany uptown and downtown campuses, 24/7. UAS vending machines are located in academic and administrative buildings, most residence halls, the Lecture Center, Campus Center etc.

Vending FAQ

Can my UAlbany ID Card be used for vending machine purchases?

Yes. Most vending machines are equipped to accept the UAlbany ID Card, though not all. Students can use Munch Money, Podium, Campus Gold and Discount Dollars* funds on their card to purchase items in vending machines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Faculty and staff can use Podium funds and their Faculty/Staff Dining Plan for vending purchases via their UAlbany ID Card.

Please note that some vending machines are not equipped with ID Card readers, but accept credit cards instead.  Cash is also accepted at all vending machines. The CBORD Mobile ID App does not work at vending.

*Important: Discount Dollars do not activate a discount at vending machines, therefore we highly recommend adding Munch Money or Podium funds to your ID Card.

Click here to learn about the various campus funds. 


How does the machine know what UAlbany ID Card funds to deduct for purchases?

Purchases made at vending machines with your UAlbany ID Card are deducted from account balances in the following order, depending on the availability of funds:

Example: If your Munch Money balance is $15, Podium $5 and Discount Dollars $100, the cost of the item purchased will be deducted from your Money Money balance.

If you have rollover Munch Money from a previous semester, only the rollover balance will display when you use your card at registers and vending machines, until the rollover is exhausted.

To add funds to a Munch Money, Podium or Discount Dollars account, please go to the ID Card Portal.

What if my UAlbany ID Card was lost or stolen and then used at a vending machine?

You are responsible for ensuring the security and safety of your UAlbany ID Card, just as you would your credit card.  Refunds are not provided for fraudulent use of UAlbany ID Card funds.  However, for your financial protection, spending controls are in place for excessive UAlbany ID Card purchases made at vending machines.  If your UAlbany ID Card is used frequently at vending machines, you will receive an email alert from the ID Card Portal informing you "your card has excessive vending usage and is temporarily suspended from vending purchases."  The email message will be sent to your official University at Albany email account and is intended to notify you of excessive usage so that you can immediately deactivate your UAlbany ID Card online because your UAlbany ID Card is lost or stolen.  Your UAlbany ID Card can be deactivated by logging onto the ID Card Portal.


Where can I find healthy snack foods?

New Leaf Vending machines offer wholesome alternatives to traditional vending machine items.  They provide great tasting, healthy, all natural snacks and drinks. In addition, New Leaf is a local company, based here in the Capital District.  

You'll find New Leaf Vending Machines at these convenient locations: 

  • Lecture Center
  • Campus Center/1st floor vending bank
  • Main library group study room
  • Science Library lobby
  • Chemistry building basement vending area
  • ETEC/1st floor and 3rd floor
  • Health Sciences Campus: George Education Center Student Lounge
  • UPD lobby 


What should I do if I have a problem with a vending machine?

If you have a problem with any of the machines or need a refund, please call the phone number located on that machine, or contact:

Please be able to provide vending companies with information about the issue encountered, machine location and machine identification number.