Laundry Services

reduce time in the laundry room with laundry view. Check on your laundry without leaving your room! Remember, while in laundry rooms maintain a 6 foot distance from another. Wear a face covering. Fold your laundry in your room Wash and sanitize hands. Access laundryview through the CBORD mobile ID app, available on google play or the App Store. Or at Laundryview logo. Gold and purple A logo


Laundry machines are free to operate for all UAlbany residence hall and campus apartment students, 24/7. All laundry machines are synced with LaundryView, a free online website that allows you to monitor the status of washers and dryers on campus for availability. LaundryView can also send a text alert notifying you when your laundry is done!

Laundry machines are serviced by CSC Service Works. A license plate is attached to all laundry machines and can be used to report issues, along with the machine number on each machine.

How to Use a Washer

  1. Add detergent or detergent pod
  2. Load washer, leaving about five inches of space from the top
  3. Select your cycle, temperature, and other cycle options  

How to Use a Dryer

  1. Clean the lint screen for maximum airflow  
  2. 1 washer load = 1 dryer load
  3. Check clothing tags for drying instructions
  4. Select desired temperature setting

Laundry Tips

  1. Don't forget to unload your pockets!
  2. If you are using detergent pods, throw them in directly with your laundry!
  3. If you are using regular detergent, be sure to use the cap as a guide before putting it in the detergent compartment!
  4. Don't overload the machines in order to get a maximum clean!
Other helpful laundry tips can be accessed at Campus Clothesline.


Report laundry issues: