Laundry Services

How to Use a Washer

  1. Load clothes. (Be sure to remove all items from clothing pockets and insure that undergarments with metal underwire are placed in a washable mesh bag to prevent damage to your clothes)
  2. Add detergent, bleach and fabric softener - **ONLY ADD 1 tablespoon of HE detergent or 2 tablespoons of regular detergent** to avoid over sudsing! HE detergent is preferred.  NOTE: if using PODS put one per load directly into the machine with your clothes. DO NOT put PODS into dispenser.
  3. Please do not use washer detergent sheets as they damage the machines and can possibly damage your clothes.  Detergent pods can be used, but do not put them in the detergent dispenser; place them in the washer drum with the clothes.
  4. Select wash water temperature.
  5. Press Start 

How To Use A Dryer

  1. Clean the lint screen every time you use the dryer, otherwise air cannot circulate effectively through the clothes and efficiently dry them.
  2. Load only 18lbs of clothes. Be sure to remove all items from clothing pockets.  The dryer should be approximately ½ full.  
  3. Select the desired heat temperature
  4. Press Start

Laundry machines are FREE OF CHARGE and rooms are open 24/7. All laundry machines are synced with LaundryView, a free online website that allows you to monitor the status of washers and dryers on campus for availability. LaundryView can also send a text alert notifying you when your laundry is done! To access LaundryView, click here or download the UAlbany App via the App Store or Google Play!

Laundry machines are serviced by MacGray & ASI Campus Laundry Solutions. A license plate is attached to all laundry machines and can be used to report issues, along with the machine number on each machine. There are several ways to report issues:

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