Know More Before You Report a Student of Concern 

Please see our frequently asked questions about reporting students

What if I want to talk with someone confidentially before I report, or if I just want some advice without filing a report?

  • You may contact any of the following confidential campus resources listed below for a confidential consultation. Please note that unless you file a CARE Report, Student CARE Services and the CARE Team will not receive any information regarding your concern, except under very strict circumstances that may vary from resource to resource, but typically involve immediate danger to the student, another person, or the community in general, when a student is unable to care for him-or herself, or when the student provides written permission.
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  • Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence – 518-442-2273
  • Counseling and Psychological Services – 518-442-5800
  • Student Health Services – 518-442-5454

What happens with the information in a CARE report?

  • In some cases, it will be appropriate for your report to be shared with the University’s Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team, which complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Student information is kept private and is only shared on a need-know-basis in order to assist the student and/or protect the campus community.

 How does my report impact a student’s record?

  • CARE Reports are part of a student’s Education Record. As per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, information on a student Education Record may not be shared unless there is a “need-to-know” by a University employee in the course of performing their job duties. In general, Educational Records are not shared outside the University unless the student provides written permission.
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    There are exceptions: to ensure the safety of the student or others, when a student is under 21 years of age and is involved in alcohol or drug incident (campus may notify parents or guardians and UAlbany does so), and when a student transfers or applies to another institution (information may be shared to ensure the safety of that campus and community members). Students have access to their own records and are notified when information is shared beyond a UAlbany- employee’s need-to-know, and may petition to have inaccurate information corrected.

 What is the CARE Team and who sits on it?

  • The CARE Team serves as the coordinating hub of a network of existing resources, focused on prevention and early intervention in community situations involving members experiencing distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors. The Team assess student needs and conducts a threat assessment in cases where the actions or behaviors of the student may pose a threat to the student or others. The team will develop intervention and support strategies and offer case coordination. The Team will regularly review and assess these situations and recommend actions in accord with existing University policies.
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  • The CARE Team is made up of a core group of faculty and staff from Undergraduate Education, Graduate Education, Residential Life, University Police, Student CARE Services, Counseling and Psychological Services Center, and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Ad hoc members are added from other areas of the University on a case-by-case basis. All CARE Team actions are tailored to the needs of the specific student’s circumstances and balanced with needs of the campus community.

Will I be informed of the outcome of my CARE Report?

  • You will be informed that your report has been received and that the student is being assisted. You will be contacted, if you choose to share your name, so that additional information can be gathered and so that you may offered the opportunity to be involved as appropriate and in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. While experience suggests that students appreciate your care and concern and we do prefer to be completely transparent with the students we assist, we will not share your name without your permission.  Please note that based on the details and circumstances of the report, it might become obvious to the student who reported the concern.

Submit a CARE report here

Please note that reports are not monitored after 5 PM or on weekends or holidays. Reports received during this time will be reviewed on the next business day

If you are reporting a health or safety emergency, or if you feel that a student is at risk of harming themselves or someone else, please report that to University Police at 911 from an on campus phone or (518) 442-3131 from a cell or off campus phone.