Living-Learning FAQ

L-LC Membership

What does it mean to be in an L-LC?

· Immediately connect with friends, mentors, and faculty

· Have fun and learn with your community

· Attend a special orientation session and meet your whole community before classes begin

· Have a meal weekly with your World

· Meet with your World once a week for fun programs, study sessions, community service, etc.

· Participate in All World events once or twice a semester

· Have an amazing first year!

With all the special events and perks of being in an L-LC, does it cost extra to be in one?

No! There is no special fee to be in an L-LC.

Do I do everything with my L-LC?

No! L-LC members meet other friends, take other classes, join groups, and participate in lots of other things at UAlbany. Being in an L-LC gives you a first “home,” where you will have friends and a support network.

Now that I am in my L-LC of choice and am working with my advisor on my fall schedule, I see that I have a “discussion section” on my schedule. What is this?

Your fall schedule has been customized so that you have a discussion time slot to have a meal once a week with your L-LC friends and professor (and often, your advisor will join). Space is reserved for you all to meet weekly in one of our dining halls. Some Worlds meet together every week; in some of the larger Worlds, the professor meets small groups of freshmen for a meal and students rotate. You will learn more about your World meal at your special orientation when you arrive on campus.

What if I change my major, do I have to leave the L-LC?

No. The L-LC is your home for your freshman year at UAlbany. Each Freshman L-LC will have its own dedicated academic advisor that you will get to meet with regularly during your first year. They will help you figure out which major is best for you. If you do end up changing your major and the spring classes we’ve picked for the L-LC no longer work for you, your advisor will help you develop a schedule for the spring semester that makes sense for you. (Note: Most Transfer communities have a designated advisor, but some have a lead staff member who can help you if you decide to change your major.)

Applying for an L-LC

How do I apply / join?

You can apply for the L-LCs when you sign up for Orientation, on or after May 1st. 

How are applications for an L-LC evaluated?

Tell us why you want to be in your chosen L-LC! If it is a good fit for your interests and major, you’ll be placed on the floor. L-LCs often fill quickly so we recommend you apply as soon as the welcome website becomes available and you are able to sign up for Orientation and Housing.

If I am requesting a roommate, must they also apply for the same L-LC?

Yes. If you are requesting a roommate, your roommate MUST also apply for and be eligible for the same L-LC as you. For example, if you are a future biologist and want to live in the World of Biology, but your requested roommate is an intended Spanish major, you will not be able to live together in the World of Biology. Instead, pick an L-LC that is open to all majors like the World of Community Service or the World of Well-being and Fitness!

**If you choose a Transfer Community where living on campus is optional, then you and your roommate do not have to be in that L-LC together.**

How quickly should I apply for an L-LC?

L-LCs often fill quickly.  We recommend you apply as soon as the welcome email is sent to you as an admitted student and the Orientation registration form is available. We anticipate that all L-LCs will be filled by June 1st.

Can I apply for more than one L-LC?

Yes! On your application, you can list more than one L-LC. We will place you in one of your choices based on your academic plans and space availability. Student Engagement will call you if we cannot place you in any of your requested L-LCs.

When will I be notified if I have been accepted into an L-LC?

You will be notified in mid-June if you have been accepted into the L-LC.

Can everyone be in an L-LC?

For the most part, yes.  But some UAlbany campus programs include housing (Honors College) or classes (EOP) and therefore don’t work with L-LCs. Additionally, some of the Transfer Communities have GPA requirements.

Where can I find our more about L-LCs?

· You can direct questions about the various L-LCs to the Office of Student Engagement at

· Questions about housing and housing/roommate assignments can be directed to the Department of Residential Life at

·  For more detailed information on Transfer Communities, please contact our Transfer Coordinator, Darlene Poirier, at

Special Notes about Transfer Communities

· Two of our Transfer communities have a minimum GPA requirement: World of Transfer Excellence and World of Business and Accounting for transfers.

· All of our Transfer L-LCs have living in residence as an option (not required).