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    UAlbany-CNSE Reunification

A Roadmap for the Transfer of CNSE to UAlbany

On December 13, 2022, the SUNY Board of Trustees voted to formally begin the process of transferring the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) back to the University at Albany. The Trustees have directed leadership at UAlbany to work with their counterparts at SUNY Polytechnic Institute to deliver a comprehensive transition plan no later than December 2023.


Steering Committee

President Rodríguez has convened a Steering Committee to guide the master planning process. The Steering Committee will synthesize the work and recommendations of five working groups focused on the core academic and administrative functional areas essential to successfully and efficiently reintegrating CNSE with UAlbany.

The chairs of the Steering Committee and the working groups will closely collaborate with their corresponding counterparts (if applicable) at SUNY Poly.

The Steering Committee will:
  • Ensure successful transition of CNSE to UAlbany.
  • Provide direction and oversight of the different workgroups and review/approve their recommendations
  • Review and approval of Masterplan to be submitted to the SUNY Board of Trustees.

Chairs of the workgroups, among others

  • UAlbany President, Chair 
  • Provost, Senior VP for Academic Affairs
  • VP for Finance and Administration
  • VP for Research and Economic Development
  • VP for Student Affairs
  • VP for Communications and Marketing
  • Dean CEAS
  • Dean CNSE
  • Chair University Senate
  • Chief Campus Counsel
  • President’s Chief of Staff
Academic Affairs

Task: Focus on academic programs, faculty transition, administrative structure, promotion and tenure, accreditation (e.g., MSCHE and ABET, New York State Department of Education), University Senate requirements, etc..


Provost, Chair
Vice Provost and Dean Undergraduate Education
Vice Provost and Dean Graduate School
College of Arts and Sciences Dean
Faculty Representatives: Two – each – from CEAS and CNSE
Representative University Senate
Provost’s Chief of Staff

Finance and Administration

Task: Budget review; staff transition; facilities; services, etc.


VP for Finance and Administration, Chair
VP for Advancement
Director, Human Resources
CEAS Representative
CNSE Representative
Representative University Senate

Research and Economic Development

Task: Transition CNSE research projects and research expenditures, NY CREATES partnership, indirect costs, Research Foundation, etc..


VP for Research and Economic Development, Chair
Two Faculty Researchers CEAS
Two Faculty Researchers CNSE
Representative, Budget Office
Representative NY CREATES
Representative UAlbany RF
Representative University Senate

Student Affairs and Student Success

Task: Ensure successful transition of students from CNSE to UAlbany; recruitment and admission of new CNSE students; student services; student success initiatives, including advising, etc.


Vice President for Student Affairs, Chair
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Vice Provost and Dean Undergraduate Education
Vice Provost and Dean Graduate School
Dean of Students
CEAS Representative
CNSE Representative
Representative University Senate
GSA Representative
SA Representative

Strategic Communications and Marketing

Task: Ensure ongoing communication with University and external communities and corresponding constituent groups; marketing, branding, and website development for the reunified college, etc.


Vice President for Communications and Marketing, Chair
Vice President, Government and Community Relations
Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion
Director, Office of Communications
Interim Director, Office of Marketing
CEAS Representative
CNSE Representative
ITS Representative
Representative University Senate

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