World of East Asian Studies

The World of East Asian Studies is specially designed for freshmen interested in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean language and culture. This L-LC will help you understand the culture and background for these East Asian languages. You will connect with faculty members of the department of East Asian Studies and other freshmen interested in this field. This L-LC will also include co-curricular ways to practice your language skills and learn about these fascinating cultures outside the walls of the classroom.

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As a member of an L-LC, you will have a built-in community of friends and colleagues right from the start  by living in the same hall and taking classes together! 

Friends: Study and socialize with fellow L-LC members. Tackle those first-year courses with your friends by forming study groups where you live!

World Ambassadors: "Learn the ropes" from peers selected from last year’s most engaged L-LC students. If you remain an active and engaged student in your L-LC, you could become a World Ambassador too!

Community Assistant: Meet weekly with an upper-class/graduate student to plan or attend social, academic, and community service events.

Lead Faculty Mentor: Get to know a member of the faculty outside of the classroom at weekly meals in your own dining hall!
World of East Asian Studies Lead Faculty: Professor Fan Pen Chen
Weekly L-LC Lunch: Mondays 5:35 - 6:30pm

Academic Advisor: Casey Sheridan-Smith

World Representatives: Leadership opportunities abound in the L-LCs! Earn a spot as a World Representative by being a leader in your L-LC! World Representatives are elected by the L-LC in October to represent the group at meetings throughout the academic year.

Eligibility: The World of East Asian Studies is open to all majors, on the condition that the student is enrolled in a five-credit language course in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean.

What does the World of East Asian Studies do?

The World of East Asian Studies will take some courses together in the fall and spring semesters of freshman year and attend co-curricular events together.

Fall 2021 L-LC Courses
Freshman Seminar: World of East Asian Studies
Language course in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean

Spring 2022 L-LC Courses
Writing and Critical Inquiry

Examples of co-curricular events:

  • Opportunities to connect with international students from China, Japan, and Korea
  • Language Tables
  • Cultural Dinners
  • Study abroad informational meetings