About L-LCs

Living-Learning Communities are a special opportunity to become engaged at the University at Albany. They bring together students, faculty, mentors and advisors who create a unique experience that helps you become involved and engaged with the University community.

What is in Your World?

Classes - Freshmen take two or three together as a World with some of our best faculty

L-LC Meal - Weekly lunch or dinner with Faculty mentor and World members

All World Events - A minimum of two per semester; Coordinated by Student Engagement

Weekly Co-curricular and Fun Activities - With World Members, Community Assistant and Ambassadors – and sometimes faculty

Live Together - Day-to-day life with like-minded people on the same Residence Hall floor.

Who is in Your World?

Faculty - Each World has a primary faculty mentor...some also have a secondary professor involved. Often, the primary faculty mentor teaches a class in the fall and all primary faculty mentors meet once a week with World students outside of class (for lunch/dinner/workshop) during the fall semester.

Advisor - Each L-LC has a dedicated advisor from our Advisment Services Center who stays connected with the students until they declare a major.

Community Assistants - CA's are typically graduate students with a background that matches the L-LC. They meet with the freshmen weekly, and their role is to connect with the students socially and academically.

World Ambassadors - World Ambassadors are sophomores who were in the Living-Learning Communities the previous year. They connect with the freshmen over the summer and assist the Community Assistant throughout the year.

World Representatives - World Representatives are freshmen chosen by the World (CA and professor) by the end of October to take on leadership roles and advise Student Engagement by offering ideas and suggestions.

Freshmen - Freshmen live together in the residence halls, as well as learn together in classes in the fall and spring. Usually each L-LC includes a freshman seminar and 1 or 2 other classes in fall; a Writing and Critical Inquiry class and, in some Worlds, another class in the spring.

Office of Student Engagement - Responsible for the logistics behind the Living-Learning Communities. We are available to assist with questions as well as planning All-World events!