Purchase Requisition

Effective 04/14/202 UAlbany issued an OTPS Spending Directive until further notice.
Click here to view the Directive

Given the financial impact of COVID-19, the University must take steps to preserve cash. Additionally, System Administration has required SUNY campuses to implement enhanced controls and oversight of expenditures. This directive applies to all State funding sources (State, IFR & DIFR accounts). Therefore, UAlbany will processes only essential expenditures that are: Health &/or Safety Related, Mission Critical to UAlbany Operations, and Legally Binding Agreements that Provide Revenue to Offset Expenditures.
Therefore, a Purchase Requisition Justification Form must be completed, signed, and submitted with each purchase requisition to [email protected]

The above also applies to any purchases a department would have previously made by using their University issued Procurement Card and/or online ordering account (Staples, Grainger, S&B Office, Pugs Print, and Scientific Orders).

Click here for Purchase Requisition Justification Form

Click here for Purchase Requisition Form

Please access this link for each requisition in order for the requisition number to update.

  1. The requisition will open in Excel - select "Enable Editing" and "Enable Content"
  2. Enter all required information, please do not copy or cut and paste information into the requisition
  3. Print and have it signed by an authorized signatory
  4. Send the Purchase Requisition Justification Form (with signatures), the Purchase Requisition, and any attachments to [email protected] or fax to 7-4571
  5. Requisition documentation will then be reviewed to determine if the purchase request meets the Spending Directive criteria



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