One person's hand holding a black cell phone and the other person's hand poised over the screen. One person's hand holding a black cell phone and the other person's hand poised over the screen.

Asset Management

Our Role at UAlbany

Asset Management provides careful, responsible management of assets owned by the University at Albany, the Research Foundation and the University at Albany Foundation.

Our staff members have experience in all aspects of property control, inventory accounting and New York State surplus procedures. We use modern bar code labels and laser reader technologies to find, track and record equipment and furniture purchases, donations, and miscellaneous acquisitions. Our duties include:

  • maintaining an accurate accounting of campus assets

  • reconciling campus records with oversight authorities

  • maintaining the integrity of the computerized property system

  • adhering to the rules, regulations and procedures established by New York State, SUNY and the Research Foundation

Annual Inventory

Asset Management conducts a physical inventory of all assets once a year.

Account Managers are notified at least two weeks in advance. Please notify our staff of any sensitive areas where departmental staff should accompany our staff members as they complete inventory.

Account Managers must verify that all assets used at off-campus sites are correctly recorded on the departmental inventory report. The Account Manager must also account for any assets that are not located during the physical inventory.

Asset Management must be notified when an employee leaves employment, especially if that person has been given approval for off-campus use of assets.

Loss or Theft of Assets

Any loss of assets, including cases of theft or vandalism, must be reported to Asset Management and your unit's dean, director, department chair or project manager.

If the loss, theft or vandalism occurred on a UAlbany campus, you must report it to the University Police Department. If it occurred off campus, a police report must be filed with the local municipality's police department. Either way, a copy of the police report must be sent to Asset Management.

Lastly, if the loss, theft or vandalism occurred off campus, the borrower is financially responsible and the item replacing the lost asset must be of equal or greater value. All documentation related to the replaced asset must be sent to the Asset Management, which will tag the item accordingly.

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