If you require printed items such as letterhead, envelopes, carbon-less forms, or other printed materials, these requests should be directed to the Office of Purchasing and Contracts at 437-4579.

Graphic Identity Manual

The University at Albany's Graphic Identity Manual provides a foundation for clear and consistent communications of the institution identity. The official policies and standards for the design of University at Albany stationery, publications and other applications are also available within this graphic identity manual. The accompanying link notes specific procedure to be followed by all members of the University community.

Business Reply Envelopes

Business reply cards and envelopes must meet specific United States Postal requirements. For these items, Mail Services needs to be contacted to insure that the postal permits are used properly and that the sample meets current postal regulations. Mail Services can provide a mechanical free of charge that is produced by the Postal Service that will insure that the card or envelope will be accepted for mailing. Contact Mail Services at 442-3271.

Once you have received the mechanical, you are to submit this with a Purchase Requisition to the Office of State Funded Purchasing & Contracts for processing.

Other Printed Items

To purchase printed materials that cannot be produced using the Rapid Copy Center, an outside vendor will be required. The procedures for the procurement of printing services are the same purchasing guidelines that apply to all other purchase.

Any request for printing items should include:

  • A signed University Purchase Requisition. (A departmental Procurement Card must be utilized for procurements up to $5,000.)
  • Samples if available. If changes are required, you should enclose a printed sample noting the changes that need to be made.
  • Specifications. If no sample is available, you should include specification sheet of the proposed item. The department will be required to provide the technical aspects to printed products.
  • Vendor Quotes. If providing quotes, be sure vendor quotes meets the specifications provided.

The Office of State Funded Purchasing & Contracts can assist you with vendor selections or recommendations. It is importnt to keep in mind some important tips for procuring printing services, whether the printing procurement is processed via the Office or deparmental P-card:

Specifications - Be as detailed as you possible can when writing the specifications for your printed items. Be sure to include quantity required, paper, ink colors, binding/finishing and delivery instructions. If you are willing to accept substitutes for paper or ink colors you should note this on the specifications.

Time Frame - Printing is not an overnight process. Be sure to plan for adequate lead-time for the processing of your requisition, quotations, and printing of your project. Some service and products may require additional time or allow for manufacturing and completion of your products. Some NYS State Contracts for printing services require 20 working days for delivery after the proof has been approved.

Proofs - If you are requesting a proof prior to printing, this will add to your production time.

Quantities - Printing is a multiple process, the cost per unit goes down as the quantity goes up. Be sure to take into consideration your total needs, and storage capabilities.

Delivery Instructions - Be sure to include any specific deliver instructions that might apply. Additional charges could apply for orders delivered off campus.

Planning ahead will save significant costs to your departments.

For more detailed information and instructions in obtaining price quotes for print orders, contact the Office of State Funded Purchasing & Contracts at 437-4579.

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