Under current statute, State-owned surplus equipment and supplies (other than vehicle/vehicle related item) may be used against any purchase of equipment, supplies, repairs, leases or services. Vehicles may only be used as a trade-in for replacement vehicles. The resultant benefit derived from the trade-in must be in support of state operations and any resultant ownership must be with the State. A State trade-in can not be used in support of non-State operations such as the Research Foundation, UAS, etc. The value of the trade-in can not exceed the value of the item being purchased. Trade-ins transactions must be made directly with the provider of goods or services and cannot be deferred or credited against future transactions. Requisitions that are submitted to the Office of State Purchasing & Contracts that include a trade-in must reference the asset number from the item being traded in and the value of the credit. The asset number is required so that the trade-in can be retired from the Property Control System in the Office of Equipment Management. A trade-in must be processed thru the Office of Purchasing and Contracts with approval from the Office of Equipment Management.

When submitting a purchase requisition to procure a new piece of equipment be sure to give as much detail as possible such as manufacturer, model number, etc. Please also provide other vendors who can supply the product as well as noting whether any other necessary features/ specifications are required. If the procurement requires bidding your specification will need to be detailed enough to ensure that the award can be made to a vendor meeting all of your requirements. If a requirement is not in the bid it cannot be used to determine the award of the bid.

When equipment is received you will need to complete a New Asset Receipt Form.

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Computer Purchases
Most major brand computers are available under NYS Contract through the Office of General Services (OGS). Each contract for computers that is on the OGS web site is usually connected to the Computer Vendor's site so that agencies may configure their own computer and or contact the vendor by phone. It is recommended that departments contact their LAN manager to assure their configuration will be compatible with the requirements of the LAN. Keep in mind a quote from a computer vendor is usually only valid for 30 days after which the pricing often has changed. Submit your purchase requisition along with your quotation to the Purchasing Office for processing.

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