Teacher Certification Programs

ETAP offers a variety of teacher certification programs for candidates with different goals and experiences. Courses are offered in many formats, including online and blended environments. This diverse array of course formats is designed to meet the needs of our students, to enhance their learning experiences, and to model integrating technology with instruction.

Initial Preparation to Teach

Two ETAP programs lead to initial/professional New York State Certification.

Master of Science in Secondary Education (MSSE)
This program offers a strong research-based preparation for prospective classroom teachers at Grades 7-12 in English, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics), Mathematics, Social Studies, or World Languages (French or Spanish). The program leads to a master’s degree and to New York State initial certification.

Master of Science in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Certification Option. This program leads to initial certification in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, K-12.

Teachers with degrees from these programs are eligible for professional certification after completing the required years of successful teaching.

Masters Programs for Teachers Who Completed Undergraduate Teacher Education Programs

Because of changes in New York State requirements, there are two different program tracks depending on when the undergraduate program was completed. Teachers who completed their degrees before February 2004 received provisional certification and may enter a degree program leading to either permanent or professional certification. All teachers who have provisional certification must complete the requirements for permanent or professional certification and have it cleared by the New York State Education Department within 5 years of receiving their provisional certificate.

Teachers who completed their degrees after February 2004 received initial certification and need to complete the requirements for professional certification within 5years of completing their initial certification.

ETAP Programs for Permanent Certification
For teachers with provisional certification before February 2004.

ETAP Programs for Professional Certification
For teachers with initial or provisional certification.