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Spring 2019 Classes still open

If you are still looking for open spring 2019 ETAP classes take a look at this list of classes that have openings.


Student Conference Grant

UPDATE- the student conference grant guidelines can be found HERE. Please read over the guidelines carefully, as important changes have been made to this program for the 2018-19 academic year. (December 10, 2018) 

Student Conference Grant Guidelines

Student Conference Grant Application Form

(October 4, 2018)
Registration for the 2018-19 winter session and spring 2019 semester will begin Wednesday, October 17th. Please review the ETAP schedule of classes by visiting the university's schedule of classes search page. 2018-19 winter session and spring 2019 AVNs are now available- contact your advisor to receive your AVN if you have not already done so. If a class you are interested in requires a permission number, you may ask for one by contacting the ETAP Advisement Office at or by calling (518) 442-5090.

(March 6, 2018)
Registration for summer sessions and fall 2018 will begin Wednesday, March 21, 2018. The schedule of ETAP classes for both of these semesters is now posted on the university's schedule of classes search page and HERE. Fall/summer 2018 AVNs are now available for ETAP students- please contact your advisor (or the Pathways Into Education office,, for non-degree students) for your AVN. If a course you want to take requires a permission number (CPN) please email the Pathways Into Education office.

(February 15, 2018)
ETAP Doctoral students meetings are now being held in room ED 127. This group was created as a chance for ETAP Doctoral students to create community within the student body of the ETAP doctoral program. From this community, the goal is to create a forum for sharing common experiences and concerns, and a voice that will allow the continuous improvement of the content, outcomes and professionalism of the ETAP program overall. Please email Laura Dacus for more information on this student group at

(October 2, 2017)
The ETAP spring 2018 schedule of classes is now posted. Registration for winter 2017 and spring 2018 begins Wednesday, October 18th. If an ETAP class you wish to register for requires a course permission number (CPN), please contact the ETAP advisement office at on or after October 18th to obtain this number. If you need your advisement verification number (AVN), contact your advisor (degree students) or the advisement office (non-degree students).

(June 6, 2017) Fall 2017 course registration is currently open- most ETAP fall 2017 courses do not require permission numbers, so check the fall 2017 schedule of classes to view our listings.

(May 20, 2017) The Educational Theory & Practice Department has a brand new certificate program in Computing Education. Learn more about this new online certificate program!

(January 4, 2017)
Spring classes begin on Monday, January 23rd. Registration is currently open and will continue until February 3rd (a late registration fee is charged for anyone registering between January 24th and February 3rd). 

For current students with questions about your program of study, please refer to the ETAP Frequently Asked Questions document listed below.

If you are in need of advisement for an upcoming semester or still have questions, please contact your advisor. If you do not know who your advisor is, please refer to the ETAP Frequently Asked Questions document for information on how to find your advisor. If you are a non-degree student seeking advisement, please contact

ETAP Frequently Asked Questions Document

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Doctoral Requirements

Matriculation prior
to Fall 2012

Matriculation in
Fall 2012

Matriculation in
Fall 2013

Research Tool Exam        

Students may choose either        
set of requirements, but
must choose one pathway.
Gateway Review

Comprehensive Exam

Inquiry Tool Requirement
Comprehensive Exam

Doctoral Handbook for students who have matriculated prior to the Fall 2012 semester.


Doctoral Handbook for students who have matriculated in the Fall of 2012 or after.

How to register for classes

Doctoral Student Forum - DOCTORAL LISTSERV

ETAP Doctoral Student Forum is a listserv offered by the Academic Computing Department of the University at Albany. It opens a channel for doctoral students to communicate in a vibrant online community. It is moderated by a doctoral student.

To subscribe to ETAP Forum, just send an email to and place the following command in the message body:


LISTSERV will send you an e-mail message asking you to confirm your subscription command. Please follow the instructions to finish processing your subscription. Once you have confirmed, you will receive a welcome message from LISTSERV that contains important LISTSERV information. You should save the e-mail for future reference, since it also tells you how to remove yourself from the list if you so choose.

Master’s Student Forum - ETAPMASTERS LISTSERV

ETAP Master’s Student Forum is a listserv offered by the Academic Computing Department of the University at Albany. It opens a channel for master’s students to communicate in a vibrant online community. You’ll receive periodic updates from the department including when schedules are released, advisement start dates, new course offerings, and other useful information. This is also a great way for students to stay in touch within the program and ask peers questions! It is moderated by a staff member.