Kristen Wilcox

Kristen Campbell Wilcox
ETAP Department Chair
Associate Professor


PHONE: (518) 442-9085
Second language and foreign language teaching and learning, Academic discourse in multicultural educational settings
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Kristen Campbell Wilcox is Department Chair and an Associate Professor in the Educational Theory and Practice Department at the University at Albany. Her research is situated in a broad movement in focus of investigations around cultural and linguistic diversity and schooling. Along this vein of inquiry she examines in what contexts students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds develop agentive stances toward learning and achieve academically.
Primary interests/expertise:

  • Identification of the qualities of instruction that relate to cultural and linguistic minority students' agency as learners.
  • Identification of the characteristics of school support systems that relate to diverse youth's academic achievement.

Secondary interests/expertise:

  • Identification of successful strategies for the teaching of advanced disciplinary writing with a focus on what strategies are most affective for diverse youth. 

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