Honors Program in Economics

The honors program is designed to provide capable and motivated students with a greater understanding of economics and to better prepare students for graduate and professional schools.

Students may apply to the honors program after completing any two of A ECO 300, 301, and 320. To be accepted and to complete the program, the student must have an average of at least 3.40 in all courses applicable to the major and 3.25 in all courses taken at the University. Interested students should see the department's Director of Undergraduate Studies even before completing the required courses, for advice on choosing elective courses and on meeting the other requirements of the honors program.

The honors student must complete all requirements of the BS program in economics, including A ECO 499Z (the Senior Honors Research Seminar) as part of the program. In addition, the honors student must submit a senior honors thesis acceptable to the Economics Honors Committee.

A plan for the senior honors thesis normally arises from consultation with faculty concerning a suitable topic and method of inquiry. The student, with advice and consent of the Economics Honors Committee, will choose a faculty adviser who will assist the student in completing the thesis. Work on the thesis may begin in the junior year, but it must be completed while the student is enrolled in A ECO 499Z.

If all requirements stated above are met, the department will recommend that the student be awarded the BS degree with honors in economics. In recent years, the program has been operating on a small scale with individualized attention for each student. Typically, one or two students have graduated with honors in Economics each year.

To apply to the Honors Program in Economics, please complete the application form. Email Professor Pinka Chatterji with any questions.

Requirements for Students Matriculating Fall 2005 or Later