Other Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Instructors

Ken Bulko
Ken Bulko
Lecturer II and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Hudson, Room 103B
Fields of Interest: Law and Economics, Public Economics
Lewis Segal
Lewis Segal
Hudson, Room 205
Fields of Interest: Financial Economics, Econometrics


Affiliated Faculty

Diane Dewar, Associate Professor
Health Policy, Management and Behavior

Unni Pillai, Associate Professor
College of Nanotechnology, Science, and Engineering
[email protected]

Hany Shawky, Professor
Massry School of Business


Part-Time Faculty

All offices are located in Hudson (formerly known as Building 25) unless otherwise noted.

Hasan Ahmed, 238, [email protected]

Jiyan Bai, 265, [email protected]

Dipankar Biswas, 268, [email protected]

Tao Chen, 257B, [email protected]

Michelle Cummings, 129, [email protected]

Layla Darougar, 263, [email protected]

Xueting Gu, 226, [email protected]

Chunyu Guo, 237, [email protected]

Yiran Han, 266, [email protected]

Joshua B Isralowitz, Catskill 333, [email protected]

Oleg Ivashchenko, 268, [email protected]

Tao Jin, 268, [email protected]

Seojin Jung, 235, [email protected]

Inbong Kang,129, [email protected]

Denis Kwiatkowski, [email protected]

Jae Hak Lee, 239, [email protected]

Rui Li, 267, [email protected]

Wenqing Li, 268, [email protected]

Zhendong Li, 253, [email protected]

Xiaojie Liu, 268, [email protected]

Zheyuan Lu, 266, [email protected]

Kyoung-ah Noh, 227, [email protected]

Tingting Peng, 233, [email protected]

Steven Pleydle, 269, [email protected]

Zulkarnain Pulungan, 269, [email protected]

Quan Qi, 266, [email protected]

Yoritsugu Shimazu, 240, [email protected]

Deepti Sikri, 237, [email protected]

George Douglas Siton, 266, [email protected]

Qi Sun, 266, [email protected]

JiHee Sung, 233, [email protected]

Abulazize Ahmed Wolle, 268, [email protected]

Yimeng Yin, 268, [email protected]

Mingda Zhang, 265, [email protected]

Yaxu Zhang, 263, [email protected]



Betty C. Daniel

Bruce C. Dieffenbach

Terrence W. Kinal

Irene Lurie

Thad W. Mirer

Donald J. Reeb
Collins Fellow

Kwan Koo Yun