Tutors for Eco 110, 111, 300, and 301

The Economics Department tutoring program offers free tutoring assistance to students in Eco 110, 111, 300, and 301. All tutoring will be available online using Zoom. Tutors will be available at the following times:


Fall 2021 Online Tutor Schedule (PDF file)


The main role of the tutors is to help students understand the course material, especially as presented in the text. The tutors will have copies of the texts used in Eco 110 and 111, but not those used in Eco 300 and 301. Students in those two courses should be sure to bring a copy of the text when they come for assistance. The tutors will help to the extent that they can.

The tutors do not work in conjunction with the various instructors of the courses, and thus they cannot be expected to interpret notes that you have taken in class. Tutors are not to help you with your homework, except that they can help you understand the relevant text material.

Note: The Office of Academic Services sponsors free Study Groups for Eco 110 and 111 according to the following schedule.


The groups are facilitated by graduate students who know the course material.

Interested students should go directly to the Study Group session whenever they need help. Students should come prepared with their textbook and class notes so that they can benefit fully from these sessions. For more information, contact: Office of Academic Support Services, CC 110B, 442-5174 or 442-5180.