Degree in Absentia / Leave of Approved Study

Determining whether you are pursuing a Leave for Approved Study or a Degree in Absentia:

Leave for Approved Study

  1. You are currently in attendance at the University at Albany.
  2. You intend to return to the University after completion of the coursework elsewhere
    you plan on using the coursework elsewhere to complete your degree requirements here.


  1. You need to complete your degree requirements through coursework taken elsewhere.
  2. You have been away from the University at Albany for at least one semester.

Eligibility Guidelines

You must have:

  1. Approval of your academic advisor.
  2. Students must be in good academic standing: Cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or better overall, and in your major and minor.
  3. Approval of the EOP Director if your admission was to the EOP Program.
  4. Not left the University due to an academic dismissal.


  • Apply to the college that you wish to visit.
    You must apply for non-degree admission at the college where you wish to study. For information regarding this, contact the school to which you are applying.
  • Discuss plans and proposed coursework with your advisor and EOP counselor (if applicable).
    Approvals must be obtained from your advisor and the EOP Director in order for your application to be approved.
  • Complete an application form available from this office and obtain the necessary signatures.
    Submit the completed application to this office according to the timelines listed below. This office will notify you with regard to approval or disapproval of your request. If approved, we will delete any coursework for which you may have already preregistered on this campus.
  • Submit a Transfer Credit Permission Form to this office.
    Once you know what coursework you will be pursuing, and only after consultation with your advisor, submit a Transfer Credit Permission Form to this office. Attach course descriptions. This form needs to be signed by your advisor with assignment of University at Albany equivalents. Transfer credit for specific courses taken at the host College remains subject to final evaluations. You will be sent a final evaluation once this has been accomplished.
  • Request a waiver(s) of the residence requirement(s) if your study elsewhere will impact on them.
    You should discuss whether or not this is necessary with your academic advisor and with the Office for Undergraduate Education/Withdrawal and Readmission. If you need to request a waiver, this office will supply the necessary forms.
  • Attend to your responsibilities before leaving campus.
    Be certain to read the information on the reverse of the application before completing it. Clear all holds before you leave campus. Make arrangements with your advisor for advisement and preregistration for your semester of return (if on leave).
  • Make arrangements to register (FOR LEAVES ONLY).
    Check MyUAlbany account for information for early registration. It is your responsibility to contact your advisor to obtain your AVN number once you have met/spoken with your advisor and have been given your AVN number, you are eligible to register during advance registration, extended registration, or final registration day according to the schedules indicated. It is your responsibility to clear any holds on your record prior to registering.
  • Arrange to have a final, official transcript sent directly to this office at the conclusion of the semester.
    Upon receipt of the transcript, it will be matched with your transfer credit permission form and credit entered on your record here. Be aware that ONLY CREDIT WILL TRANSFER, AND NOT GRADES. Failure to meet this obligation will result in the placement of a hold on your record and could result in the leave being voided.
  • Have alternate plans in the event that your request is not approved.
    In this event, you will need to decide whether you will remain at the University or not. You will either need to register or complete an official withdrawal form available through this office. Should you withdraw, it will then be necessary for you to apply for readmission for the term that you wish to return.



You should be aware that any coursework for which you may have already preregistered on this campus will be deleted when the request is approved. If you need a waiver of any University residence requirement, paperwork must be submitted early so that a Committee on Academic Standing review can take place.

Student maintains in absentia status for two years or their proposed graduation date. If students have not made academic progress towards the completion of their degree, and/or if we do not hear from them about a possible extension before the two-year mark, they are officially withdrawn as of the last term of their absentia status.

Fees apply to complete degree in absentia; additional fees apply if student extends graduation date beyond the two-year mark.

Please call the Office of the Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education at 518-442-3950 with any questions and to obtain the appropriate application forms.