Transfer Credits

Prospective Undergraduate Students

New students can transfer credit earned via college courses, AP courses and/or IB courses. Learn how to transfer credit as a newly admitted:

Have questions about transfer credits? Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 518-442-5435 or [email protected].  


Current Undergraduate Students

Use the Transfer Course Equivalency Portal to verify whether credits from other institutions will transfer to UAlbany:

Transfer Course Equivalency Portal     

The Transfer Course Equivalency Portal includes transfer equivalencies previously approved by UAlbany. Courses not included in the database may still be awarded transfer credit but require a course description or syllabus for approval.

We strongly encourage you to talk to your academic advisor and complete the Prior Approval for Transfer Credit Request Form before you enroll in coursework at another institution to avoid loss of credit or other unintended consequences.

Please be aware that: 

  • Credits transferred to UAlbany after you’ve matriculated may not meet some of your major, minor or General Education requirements.  
  • Credits transferred to UAlbany cannot be used to meet UAlbany’s residency requirements
  • A maximum of 90 transfer credits can be applied toward your bachelor’s degree requirements. 
  • You cannot transfer credits that are a repeat of a course you've already completed at UAlbany or transfer coursework that is a pre-requisite for a course you've already completed at UAlbany, as this constitutes taking courses out of sequence. Be sure to review your degree audit and course descriptions for classes you’ve already completed to avoid this.  
  • UAlbany only accepts transfer credits if you earned at least a C-minus grade (1.7 quality points) and the individual course is parallel to a course offered at UAlbany.