Degree Audits

What is a degree audit? 

A degree audit is an undergraduate student’s road map to graduation. It shows which degree requirements you have already satisfied and which ones you still need to complete. 

The audit also shows which of your general education, writing intensive, major/minor residence and graduation with honors requirements still need to be completed. 

Degree audits use your academic record to match the credits you’ve taken at UAlbany and the credits you’ve transferred to UAlbany to determine which requirements those courses fulfilled.  

Degree audits are advisement tools used to help guide students as they work toward their degree. A degree audit is not an official document, nor is it an official transcript. It also does not replace the University’s Undergraduate Bulletin


How do I obtain a degree audit?

You can use the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) to obtain a degree audit.

DARS Login for Students   DARS Login for Employees

Undergraduate students and their advisors can access a degree audit whenever they need one.

However, a degree audit doesn’t replace advising. It's a tool students use while meeting with their academic advisor. 


How do I read a degree audit? 

Your degree audit will reflect any recent changes to your academic record. 

A plus symbol (+) will appear next to completed requirements, while a minus symbol (-) will appear next to a "needed" requirement. If a requirement is incomplete, the audit will list courses you can take to complete that requirement.

The audit will also include a summary of all courses you’ve taken that academic year.

If you have questions about your degree audit, please consult your advisor


How to Access and Read Your Degree Audit