Hudson/Mohawk Association of Colleges & Universities - Cross-Registration Guidelines and Form

The University at Albany participates in the Hudson/Mohawk Association of Colleges & Universities, an agreement that allows students the opportunity to take courses at participating institutions while still enrolled at the University at Albany.

Participating Institutions Include:

Albany College of Pharmacy
Albany Medical College
Empire State College*
Maria College
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Siena College
Skidmore College
Southern Vermont College
The College of Saint Rose
The Sage Colleges (Undergraduate Students Only)
Union College

*Graduate Students Only. Undergraduate Students seeking to cross-register with Empire State College must use the SUNY Cross-Registration Agreement.

Hudson/Mohawk Association of Colleges & Universities Cross-Registration Form

Home Institution = the institution where you are matriculated.
Host Institution = the institution with which you are seeking to take additional courses.

1. You must be a full time matriculated student taking at least one-half of your semester credits at your home campus.

2. The proposed course(s) cannot be offered by the home institution. If the home campus offers a comparable course, even if not scheduled during the desired term or time of enrollment, then cross-registration will not be approved.

3. You must have the approval of your home campus.

4. Please NOTE: even if you have the “permission of the instructor” at the host school, you must still go through the host school’s Registrar’s Office to be considered “registered” in a course.

5. Home campus students have priority for all courses at the college or university, so popular courses may be closed to cross-registrants because of space limitations.

6. Host institutions have varying registration dates. Please check with each institution to see when you are eligible to register.

7. You will be responsible for the attendance and academic requirements of the course even if home and host calendars do not coincide.

8. Your signature on the Cross-Registration form is considered approval for grades/transcripts to be automatically sent to your home institution at the end of the semester.

9. YOU are responsible for notifying the Registrar's Offices on BOTH campuses if you withdraw from a course(s). Failure to do so can result in a failing grade from the host institution.

10. Your signature on the Cross-Registration form indicates your agreement to abide by all regulations imposed by the host institution (e.g., parking, attendance, library rules, etc.). In addition the host institution may apply rules and regulations to incoming students as it deems necessary. Be sure you are aware of those rules before you cross-register.

11. All fees in excess of tuition are also the responsibility of the student (e.g., lab fees, etc.). Click here for more information on course fees.

12. Mini-semesters, January/Winter terms, and Summer Sessions are not covered by the general Cross-Registration Agreement.

University at Albany Students:

1. Determine if the proposed course is offered by the University at Albany. Undergraduates may use the transfer equivalency database to verify that the host institution’s course does NOT have an exact equivalent at UAlbany. If a course equivalency is not available, please complete the Undergraduate Post Matriculation Transfer Credit Form and submit a course description or syllabus to the Registrar's Office (CC B-52).

2. Obtain the signature of your academic advisor on the Form.

3. Obtain an authorizing signature from the Registrar’s Office, CC B-52. *Graduate students: please note that the course will only be acceptable and applicable as elective credit toward your program of study. Acceptable as elective credit toward the degree program on the home campus, as demonstrated by faculty advisor signature. Course work of interest, but not applicable to the degree program, is not eligible for cross-registration approval.

4. Take the signed form to Registrar’s Office at the host institution where you will register for their course and obtain the signature of the “Host Institution”.

5. Bring the completed form back to the UAlbany Registrar’s Office at which time you will be registered for the appropriate UAlbany Cross-Registration course. You must do this by no later than the Last Day to Add a Semester Length course with a permission number as listed on the UAlbany Academic Calendar. FAILURE TO RETURN THE FORM will mean you are NOT REGISTERED and will NOT RECEIVE CREDIT for participation in Cross-Registration.

*Additional Notes for Graduate Students:

Full-time graduate students seeking to individualize their graduate programs with advanced specialized study in elective course work not offered by the University at Albany may pursue access to such course work through other Hudson/Mohawk Association institutions. This cooperative program between the local institutions is intended to promote advanced inquiry within the elective parameters of our degree programs.