New 2-Step Login Process for Students

Beginning in summer 2018, the University is introducing a new, 2-step email login process for students that offers greater protection against cyber threats. Learn more by visiting our 2-Step Login website.


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  • The Fake News Detector

    Systems Developer Analyst Shiv Parikh delves into fake news detection and the problems confronting researchers in the field. Parikh, part of the Enterprise Infrastructure Services team in ITS, is getting his Ph.D. in Computer Science from UAlbany.

  • Email Accounts Getting a Security Upgrade

    ITS is gearing up to improve the security of university email accounts. The added layers of protection should help to protect your data and thwart would-be cyber thieves.

  • Protecting Against Phishing Attacks

    During the past two weeks UAlbany has been subjected to repeated phishing attacks. Chief Information Security Officer Martin Manjak offers tips on avoiding phishing and protecting your University credentials.

  • Campbell sets a High Bar for Great Danes

    Information Technology Services graduate assistant Matthew Campbell is leaping as no Great Dane has leapt before.

  • At UAlbany, ITS Has Your Software Needs Covered

    Information Technology Services has a large catalog of programs to help meet your needs. From the Microsoft Office suite to Skype for Business, the software solution is just a click away for students, faculty and staff.

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