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The Tissue Core has one C26 incubator/shaker, one New Brunswick C76 water incubator/shaker, one Thermo Model 2358 water incubator one VWR 1224 water bath, four Forma 3110 CO2 incubators and two New Brunswick Galaxy 170S CO2 incubators.

Water baths are typically used to heat medium prior to inoculation with tissue culture cells. CO2 incubators are typically used to culture tissue culture cells in liquid or solid medium.

Specific Description:
The New Brunswick C26 incubator/shakers operate from 7°C over ambient up to 60°C. The C26 can shake from 25 to 300 rpm. The New Brunswick C76 water bath heats from 7°C over ambient up to 80°C and can shake from 50 to 300 rpm. The Thermo water and VWR 1224 baths can heat from ambient to 95°C. The Forma 3110 CO2 incubators heats from 5°C over ambient up to 55°C, with up to 95% humidity at 37°C and CO2 concentration from 0 to 20%. The New Brunswick 170S CO2 incubators heats from 4°C over ambient up to 50°C, with up to 95% humidity at 37°C and CO2 concentration from 0.2 to 20%.

Galaxy S Series 170 S CO2 Incubator Manual
Forma 3110 CO2 Incubator Manual

Instrument Photographs:
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