Life Sciences Research Symposium VII

September 25th, 2015

Full Life Sciences Research Symposium VII Program

General Information for Attendees
The symposium will be held on Friday, Sept. 25, 2015, in the D'Ambra Auditorium on the second floor of the LS Research Building. Please check your presentation time and let Mindy or Jia know of any conflicts or changes. Please plan to attend the symposium for the entire day and to be present at the starting time. The symposium program will start and end on time. Promptness and consideration for the speakers and poster presenters who have devoted a significant amount of time to the preparation of their presentations is deeply appreciated. Please turn off or mute phones during the oral presentations. Specific information for speakers, poster presenters, and judges is provided below.

Refreshments and meals
Continental breakfast will be available beginning at 8:00 am in the atrium area of the D'Ambra Auditorium. Lunch and refreshments will be served in the same area. Feel free to take your lunch outside, to tea rooms, to second floor conference rooms (LSRB 2101 or 2094), or first floor conference rooms (LS1143 or 1144) if you prefer to sit down for lunch. Please dispose of any waste in garbage or recycling bins, as appropriate. A happy hour will be held concurrent with the Poster session from 4:15-5:45 to be followed by an awards ceremony at 5:45.

Because we have a limited amount of time and many speakers, each presenter is asked to adhere to the time limit of 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions. Speakers, please plan accordingly. Presenters will be asked to stop after 15 minutes.

All speakers for the two morning sessions must load your slides into the computer in the D’Ambra auditorium between before 8:45 am on Fri. Sept. 25. Similarly, all speakers for the two afternoon sessions must load your slides during the lunch break (12-1:00). Please do not plan to bring your own laptop. Instead bring a USB flash drive containing your files to the auditorium.

All speaker presentations must be prepared in a presentation software compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 version/Wn7 (PC compatible).

Poster presenters
Posters should be printed no larger than 42 high x 48 inches wide. Please hang up your poster on Thurs, Sept. 24 between 1-4 pm if you wish to be eligible for an award. Please look for your number and hang it on the appropriate board. Plan to stand by your poster during the poster session 4:15-5 pm (odd numbers) and 5:5:45 (even numbers). Biology students and postdocs, please contact Dave Graper to schedule a time to print your poster if you want to print it on the department printer. View the poster presenter details worksheet.

Posters will be available for judging starting at 4 pm on Thurs. Sept. 24, and presenters can be disqualified from awards if their poster is not available at that time. Score each poster or presentation using rubrics that will be delivered to your mailbox a week in advance of the symposium. Please plan to meet with the other judges for your session at the times indicated by the leader of your group to identify the first place winner and runner up winner for your assigned session. The head judges should provide the names of the winner and runner up for your session to Mindy Larsen before 5:15 pm on Fri. so that award certificates can be made out for the award ceremony.