Past Events


  • Deep Into the Brain

    ALBANY, N.Y. (September 6, 2017) — Last October, the Department of Biological Sciences, in collaboration with RPI, held its first seminar in the Life at the Interface of Science and Engineering lecture series. It featured Nobel Prize winner in chemistry Thomas Cech.

    The series returns this Friday, tackling one of the most intricate parts of human life — the brain — and featuring one of the world’s leading neuroscientists, Karl Deisseroth, D.H. Chen Professor of Bioengineering and of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, who will present this year’s program.Read More


    • Life Sciences Research Symposium

      Awards for Best Oral Presentations
      Christopher Lennon, Belfort Lab (Biology)
      Gaston Bonefant, Pager Lab (Biology)
      Lisa Marie Ramirez, Pande Lab (Chemistry)
      Vibhav Valsangkar, Sheng Lab (Chemistry)

      Best Oral runner-up
      Allison Catizone, Sammons Lab (Biology)
      Clare Miller, Fuchs Lab (Biology )
      Rachel Netzband, Pager Lab (Biology)
      Zeinab Hosseini Larsen Lab (Biology)

      Best Posters
      John McCauley Scimemi Lab (Biology)
      Danielle Kelley, Belfort Lab (Biology)
      Mattew Koslow, Larsen Lab (Biology)
      Justin Walden, Belfort Lab (Biology)

    • Primer on Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Bootcamp

      Using Galaxy for NGS Data Analysis
      presented by Olga Novikova

      RNA Sequencing: Workflow Recommendations
      presented by Sridar Chittur

    • 4th Annual Symposium: RNA Science and its Applications

      The RNA Symposium, was held on Friday March 17 and was keynoted by Tom Steitz, Jeanne Lawrence, Melissa Moore and Maria Barna. In addition, Erik Sontheimer, a new member of the SAB, Tom Gingeras, and Marlene Belfort chaired three of the four sessions. The workshops started in the evening of March 15th and continued through March 16th and included miRNA detection using nanoswitch technology, RNA modified nucleoside analyses, and RNA Dynamics: Struc-tural Modeling through Simulation workshop.


    • 8th Annual Life Sciences Research Symposium - November 4th 2016

      Awards for Best Oral Presentations (Sponsored by Krackeler)
      Jennifer Lin (Forni)
      Claire Muro (Lednev)
      Maitreyi Upadhyay (Rangan)
      Anana Naik (Forni)

      Special Awards for Oral Presentation (sponsored by Sinauer and Krackeler)
      Kelsey Fleming (Scimemi) Sinauer
      Phensinee Haruehanroengra (Sheng) Sinauer
      Danielle Kelley (Belfort) Sinauer
      Rachel Cary (Pager) Krackeler

      Best Posters (Sponsored by Krackeler)
      Pooja Flora (Rangan)
      Matthew Koslow (Larsen)
      De Modhurik (Scimemei)

    • Undergraduate Research Symposium in Biology

      Undergraduate students from 11 universities participated in the first Undergraduate Research Symposium in Biology sponsored by the Department of Biological Sciences on Tues. Oct. 25, 2016. Students delivered oral presentations and posters on their research projects and enjoyed a keynote symposium by Novel Laureate, Thomar R. Cech entitled “How to win a Nobel Prize.” The undergraduate symposium was partnered with the new endowed lecture series “Life at the Interface of Science and Engineering,” which included a research seminar by Dr. Cech at University at Albany, SUNY entitled, “Long-noncoding RNAs and Epigenetic Gene Silencing” and a research seminar at RPI entitled: “CRISPR Genome Engineering Give New Insights about Telomerase and its Role in Cancer.” Photographs from the UAlbany events are here. The seminar series was made possible by an endowment by Dr. Marlene Belfort, Distinguished Professor at the University at Albany, SUNY, and Dr. Georges Belfort, Institute Professor at RPI.

      Symposium Program
      About the Keynote Lecturer
    • JUSIE Lightning Event

      Junior STEM faculty will present research in 5 minutes.
      May 10 from 2:30PM to 4:30 PM
      D'Ambra Auditorium, Life Sciences Research Building

    • Expanding the Life Sciences Toolkit: Single Molecules to Tissues

      April 8, 2016

      Local and external speakers guided participants through the latest technical discoveries that would improve their ability to understand the function of living systems at the molecular and system level. Organized by: Jun Wang (Chemistry) and Annalisa Scimemi (Biology).
      Sponsored by:College of Arts and Sciences - SUNY Albany, Department of Biology - SUNY Albany, Department of Chemistry - SUNY Albany, Department of Physics - SUNY Albany, Life Sciences Research Program - SUNY Albany, and The Research Foundation - SUNY Albany.

      Morning Session - At the nanoscale level
      • 08:50 – 09:00 Welcome by Annalisa Scimemi
      • 09:00 – 10:00 Keynote Speaker: Wesley Wong (Harvard University, Children’s hospital)
      "Mechanical force in nanoscale biology: from hemostasis to DNA nanoswitches" Introduced by Ken Halvorsen (RNA Institute)
      • 10:00 – 10:20 Mehmet Yigit (SUNY Chemistry) "Hybridization chain reaction for reprogrammable detection" Introduced by Jia Sheng (RNA Institute)
      • 10:20 – 10:40 Magnus Bergkvist (CNSE) "Bioderived nanomaterials for delivery applications" Introduced by Bijan Dey (RNA Institute)
      • 11:00 – 11:20 Jun Wang (SUNY Chemistry) "Microbarcodes for tagging and labeling in biology and consumer products" Introduced by Janet Paluh (CNSE)
      • 11:20 – 11:40 Pan Li (SUNY Biology) "Unravel polymorphic RNA folding at single-molecule level" Introduced by Alan Chen (RNA Institute)
      • 11:40 – 12:40 Keynote Speaker: Joachim Frank (Columbia University) "Cryo-EM of the T. cruzi ribosome at 2.5 Angstrom resolution: what do we learn from the structure?" Introduced by Marlene Belfort (SUNY Biology)

      Afternoon Session - Towards bigger systems
      • 02:00 – 02:20 Gaby Fuchs (RNA Institute) "The role of specialized ribosomes in protein biosynthesis" Introduced by Cara Pager (SUNY Biology)
      • 02:20 – 02:40 Leo Wan (RPI) "Biophysics of chiral morphogenesis" Introduced by Paolo Forni (SUNY Biology)
      • 02:40 – 03:00 Mindy Larsen (SUNY Biology) "Studying cell behavior in a 3D context" Introduced by Prashanth Rangan (SUNY Biology/RNA Institute)
      • 03:00 – 03:20 Annalisa Scimemi (SUNY Biology) "Detecting neurotransmitter diffusion in the brain" Introduced by Jonathan Carp (NCAN)
      • 03:40 – 04:00 Alexander Khmaladze (SUNY Physics) "Raman spectroscopy and protein structure analysis" Introduced by Jon Petruccelli (SUNY Physics)
      • 04:00 – 05:00 Keynote Speaker: Jerome Mertz (Boston University) "New microscopy techniques to image in scattering tissue" Introduced by Annalisa Scimemi (SUNY Biology)
      • 05:00 – 06:00 Greetings, social time and farewell


    • Starting a Science Career and Learning How to Jump the Hurdles

      October 29, 2015

      Dr Lydia Contrereas, assistant professor of Chemical Engineering at UT Austin, combines bimolecular engineering, genetics and computation to define the interactions of RNAs and proteins in health and disease. Dr Contreras will lead a panel discussion of workplace challenges and opportunities for women of color in the STEM fields. The panel will include UAlbany faculty, administration, graduate students and undergraduates. The event will be cosponsored by UAlbany's Women in Science and Health and the Training Program in RNA Science. See Seminar Poster

      Images from the panel.

    • Life Sciences Research Symposium VII

      September 25th, 2015

      The 7th annual Life Sciences Research Symposium was held on Friday September 25, 2015 in the Life Science Research Building’s D’ambra Auditorium. This annual event is designed to facilitate communication between researchers working within the realm of life science research at the University at Albany. Researchers that are not housed in the Life Science Research Building were welcome to participate.

      More information about the event
      See awards granted here
      Images from the Symposium

    • Spring Field Day

      May 7th, from 4-6 pm

      Come out for healthy food, field activities, and fun with fellow students and colleagues.
      Where: the courtyard between the Life Sciences & Biology Building.

      Download the poster.

      Images from Field Day.

      Following Signals:
      Workshop for Interaction and Scientific Collaboration (WISC)

      February 27, 2015 | University at Albany, SUNY

      Download the poster and program.



    • Viruses and Other Selfish Elements:
      Workshop for Interaction and Scientific Collaboration (WISC)

      May 17, 2013 | University at Albany, SUNY

      Download the poster and program.